MCK 2.0 | Micro Conversion Kit Gen 2 (ALL GLOCKS)

From: $329.00

(379 customer reviews)

Your Glock MCK Model

Optional: $25 OFF MRD | Micro Red Dot (14 Red & Green Settings, Includes Riser) Sights

Improve your accuracy and vision with the Micro Red & Green Dot from CAA and Crimson Trace. Includes Riser.

Optional: 50% OFF Advanced Kit

Front & Rear Flip Up Sights & OPS May Vary Based On Inventory

All of the BEST accessories available for your MCK all in one place! Save a few dollars when you bundle our 500 lumen MCK mounted flashlight/housing, backup flip sights, thumbs rests, sling and sling swivel. Everything to get you to the range and accurate right out of the box!

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  • MCKs Are Made In USA
  • Free Shipping In US Orders $150+
  • Secure Checkout
  • 2 Year Warranty

*Not compatible with

  • Glock Gen1 & Gen2
  • Not compatible with compensated barrel or RTF models
  • Polymer 80, If you have Click Here

*All Accessories Sold Separately

Compatible with UMAREX Airsoft & BB models as well!

  • UMAREX Glock 19x BB (Blowback Action)
  • UMAREX Glock 19 Gen3 BB & Airsoft
  • UMAREX Glock 17 Gen3 BB (Blowback Action)

Color May Vary From Images


The extended stabilizer enables one-handed firing for better shooting performance. It also comes with a Velcro strap fastener which provides a custom fit to any user. MCK Gen 2 is the most cost effect conversion kit in the world. Fastest assembly/disassembly conversion kit on the market. Improving accuracy dramatically up to 200 yards. We are the exclusive licensee of the SB tactical stabilizer brace for the handgun conversion kits 

8 Advantages over the first gen MCK:
1.    The Gen 2 MCK features a new extended stabilizer which allows the user to fire the Gen 2 MCK in the folded and locked position. The new stabilizer is compatible with Gen 1 MCKs as well.
2.    The Gen 2 rear door extends back an additional 15 degrees, making it easier to insert and extract the handgun.
3.    The Gen 2 MCK accommodates suppressor height sights.
4.    The Gen 2 MCK features a new charging handle which makes more surface contact with the rear of the handgun slide.
5.    The Gen 2 MCK features an aluminum top picatinny rail for improved stability, durability, and accuracy.
6.    The Gen 2 MCK accepts CAA USA’s new brass catcher, made especially for our latest generation MCK. (Sold separately)
7.    The Gen 2 MCK features an improved spare magazine holder that operates with a mag catch and magazine release button.
8.    The Gen 2 MCK is suppressor friendly and can accommodate a suppressor up to 1.38” diameter.

Top Features:

  • No pistol disassembly required – Just place pistol into the kit, lock, and go
  • Allows for multiple handgun models into one platform
  • Top aluminum Picatinny rail, allowing a combination of sights and/or optics
  • Side Picatinny rails for mounting additional accessories, i.e… thumb-rests
  • Ambidextrous fast and easy handling
  • Right-folding stock arm brace for easy concealment and carry, locks in the folded position.
  • Now able to fire while stabilizer is folded.
  • Front spare magazine holder for a faster reload
  • Built-in charging handle allowing for quicker assembly/disassembly
  • Exposed slide release for direct contact and easier use

MCK Measurements:

  • Coming Soon

What is included in the Advanced Upgrade Kit:

  • Polymer-pair side rail thumb rests (MCKTHR)
  • Push button sling swivel (MCKPBSS)
  • One point sling (MCKOPS)
  • Flashlight that fits MCK & Micro Roni 17 / 19 chassis (MCKFL)
  • Polymer front flip-up sight (MCKFBUS)
  • Polymer front rear-up sight (MCKRBUS)


Additional information


Glock 17/19/19X/22/23/25/31/32/45 (does not fit Gen 5 Glock 22/23), Glock 20/21, Only Fits Glock 22/23 Gen 5, Glock 26/27, Glock 29/30, Glock 34/35/41, Glock 43/43x/48


Gen 2 Stabilizer, NFA Gen 2, Short Stabilizer


Black, Green – ODG, Grey – Tungsten, Tan – FDE, White, Red, Blue, Orange, Pink, Clear (Add 25), True Timber Strata (Add 100), True Timber Viper (Add 100), Mossy Oak (Add 100), Real Tree (Add 100)

Your Glock MCK Model

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 8 × 7 in
Handgun Model For Gen 2 MCK

Glock 17/19/19X/22/23/25/31/32/45 (does not fit Gen 5 Glock 22/23), Glock 20/21, Glock 43/43x/43X MOS/48/48 MOS, Glock 44, Glock 26/27/33, Glock 22/23 (Gen 5 Only), Glock 29/30, Glock 34/35/41, Glock 17/19/22/23 GEN 1 & GEN 2

Color / Pattern For Gen 2 MCK

Black, Green – ODG, Gray – Tungsten, Tan – FDE, White, Red, Blue, Orange, Pink, Clear (Add 25)

Stabilizer / Stock For Gen 2 MCK

Gen 2 Stabilizer, Gen 2 Stock, Short Stabilizer, TAC (No Stabilizer)

Optional: $25 OFF MRD | Micro Red Dot (14 Red & Green Settings, Includes Riser) Sights

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 12 × 2 in

Optional: 50% OFF Advanced Kit

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 12 × 2 in

Reviews & Ratings

(379 customer reviews)

379 reviews for MCK 2.0 | Micro Conversion Kit Gen 2 (ALL GLOCKS)

  1. JS

    James Staley

    As soon as my wife seen it she wanted one,so I ordered it for the glock,she loves it,the quality is good,ease of use and accessories make it an awesome addition to our family.

  2. KJ

    Kristen Jones

    My husband loves it. It was easy to assemble and it shoots nice. The customer service was awesome and thanks to a phone call, we were able to receive it before Christmas.

  3. JM

    Jonas Marte

    Very happy with my purchase!

  4. KT


    Awesome product and will definitely buy again! Don’t hesitate to purchase as it is money worth spent!

  5. DH

    Douglas Halverson

    Got one for my G21, don’t like the mag. adapter – looks awful ! That is a issue I can work with, I guess. Never seen a picture or comment on that adapter before – something in the future they should work out. Or just buy a 40 rd. Drum – ain’t NO Body standing after that onslaught….

  6. DM

    Demetrius Moultrie

    Hands down the best MCK conversion kit. Can’t wait to get it out to the range. The polymer is solid and the build quality is good.

  7. KR

    Keith Rummel

    Easy-to-use impressed in the the way the gun fits.

  8. CH

    Christopher Hyatt

    First off I love the way this thing looks. Cool factor 10.
    I haven’t shot it yet but I believe that it will be everything that has been said about it.
    My only complaint is certain parts are a little cramped and there are certain parts that have edges. I have big hands so that plays a part in it.
    Overall I love the MCK 2.0 and can’t wait to go shoot.

  9. C


    Was a great set up overall. Easy to set up and use little effort needed. The sling point and rails were perfect. Only thing I think would be Greg to consider for next revision is possibly streamlining the plastic and hand guard. I feel that could make it a little thinner in width for better PDw Use.

  10. JG

    Jose Galvan

    Functions great. Quality could be a little better but overall sturdy. Shoots amazing only problem is my Glock 19x gets very dirty after shooting.

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