Our Favorite Glock 19 Accessories
Our Favorite Glock 19 Accessories
glock 19 accessories

Our Favorite Glock 19 Accessories

The Glock 19 is one of America’s favorite guns—and for good reason. It is a dynamic combination of secure handling, low recoil, and excellent aim.

These service pistols work well with a concealed carry license and are sleek and easy to use. They are also quite durable, and you don’t have to do too much to keep yours in excellent working order. Simply care for and clean it regularly, and it will serve you, without fail, for years to come.

Glock 19 accessories can help take your weapon to the next level and make it truly unique. The best Glock 19 accessories are those that work with the natural strengths of the gun itself and make you more accurate and safer while operating it. Here’s a list of our favorite Glock 19 accessories in 2020.

Extended Magazines

Extended magazines allow you to maximize your firing power, and many are relatively inexpensive. Our favorite is the Glock 9mm 33Round Extended Magazine, which comes in a handsome matte black polymer and steel shell.

You can use this particular magazine in all Glock 19 models, making it one of the most versatile and practical Glock 19 accessories that we have listed here. 

Magazine Extensions

If you’re thinking, “wait, isn’t that the same thing as an extended magazine?” Not quite. A magazine extension allows you to modify your existing magazine to increase its capacity, unlike an extended magazine, which is just a new magazine with a higher capacity. 

What’s the difference? Price and effort. A magazine extension requires a bit more effort to use, but an extended magazine costs a bit more to buy. Both achieve the same result, which is the better Glock 19 accessory for you depends on your preferences. 

Extended Mag Release Buttons

While the Glock 19 Gen4 was a massive improvement on the existing magazine release button, reload times for earlier models can be vastly improved with an extended mag release button. It will save you precious seconds by allowing you to release your magazine with your thumb without repositioning your hand. 

Gen4 and above models can still benefit from an extended mag release button, just not quite as much. As this is an affordable Glock accessory, there’s no harm in giving it a try—the stopwatch will settle whether it was worth it.


A magwell offers another opportunity to speed up your load times. If you’re not familiar with the term, a magwell is a magazine funnel of sorts, in that it provides a wider opening and guides your mag into place. They are popular for competition shooting where time is of the essence, and stress levels may be a bit higher. With a good magwell, even inexperienced shooters can reload without looking down.

Tactical Extended Slide Stops

One gripe that many people have about Glock 19’s is their slide stop, which stops you from reloading quickly. Fortunately, Vickers Tactical solved the problem by designing one of the most useful Glock 19 accessories on the market—the tactical extended slide stop.

This slide stop gives you the ability to reload quickly and doesn’t stick. It’s also sturdy enough to hold up for the long run, so you can expect the Vickers Tactical extended slide stop to live as long as your Glock 19.

Aftermarket Triggers

Although Glock 19s are notoriously easy to use, many users aren’t satisfied with the trigger performance and complain that they are “gritty” or feel a bit too stuff. As a result, the most popular Glock 19 accessory is an aftermarket trigger. With proper training, these accessories can also help to improve your accuracy by adding a smoother pull and “crisp” breaking point.


A flashlight will make the weapon a little bit more cumbersome, but it shouldn’t impact your concealed carry—you will still be able to fit your gun into most holsters. 

You can attach the light onto your Glock 19 by snapping it onto the accessory rails underneath the barrel. If you are shooting in low light, you will need a light beam of some sort from your gun to assist your aim. Lasers will not always cut it.

 Those who may need or want to shoot low-light situations should seriously consider getting a Glock flashlight. Lights also work well in dusky situations and give you a serious advantage when in less than advantageous conditions. It’s one of the true must-have Glock 19 accessories.


Last but not least, every good gun needs an equally good holster. When it comes to concealed carry, you want a holster that is lightweight, comfortable, and simple. 

We also recommend looking for an option with an adjustable cant/angle. While most users prefer a 0-degree cant, preferences vary, and if you’ve never worn a gun holster before, you’ll want the option to experiment with angles and low to high positioning.

Keep in mind that there right- and left-handed holsters as well, and not all holsters are universal. Make sure that the holster you choose will fit your gun and works for your dominant hand (or opt for an ambidextrous model).

Buying the Best Glock 19 Accessories

You can improve your Glock pistols and all Glock 19 Generations by investing in some great Glock 19 accessories. Not only do these accessories make your gun shoot better and load quicker, but they can also add a touch of flair to your favorite service weapon.

The best accessories for your Glock are those that not only make your handgun more comfortable for you but also help make your training more productive and your shooting more enjoyable.

If you’re already a Glock 19 owner, we carry a huge selection of top-of-the-line Glock 19 accessories right here on our online store. Click here to browse our accessories today!

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