GLOCK 19 Review – Is This the Perfect Handgun?

Aug 28, 2020 | Glock

When it comes to handguns, many would say that perfection is a myth. While there are countless excellent pistols on the market today, there is one that truly stands out from the rest – the GLOCK 19.

Between the reliability, accuracy, and ergonomic simplicity, we hope it will be perfectly clear why the GLOCK 19 is one of the most prolific handguns available today.  

A Brief Introduction to this Legendary GLOCK 19 Pistol

The GLOCK 17 is a common choice for many law-enforcement officers. Unfortunately, at 2.2 lbs, it’s a weightier, full-sized pistol when loaded – leading to a clunky and uncomfortable fit on the hip. 

Austrian law enforcement sought a handgun that handled better and was more concealable than the 17. They also needed something equaled the 17’s durability and reliability.  So, in 1988, GLOCK took the onus to work alongside the police in Austria to come up with an ideal solution to this comfort problem.

To some gun manufacturers, improving on the Glock 17 might have seemed like an unnecessary undertaking. Yet, GLOCK showed once again that through creative engineering and a thorough understanding of the shooter’s needs an even more perfect handgun could be produced. 

GLOCK – never a company to rest on its laurels – has continued to upgrade the 19 since its inception, thirty-plus years ago. Let’s take a look at some of the more recent versions of this handgun, in the Gen 4 and 5:

Reviewing the GLOCK 19 Gen 4

The GLOCK 19 Gen 4 was released in 2010 and is ideal for a more versatile role due to its reduced dimensions, without sacrificing all-important magazine capacity.

The framework that already exists is built upon to put forth an improved handgun, with enhanced features. Older versions are still of high quality and might prove valuable to those on a limited budget. 

Compared to Gen 3, Gen 4 looks almost exactly the same. It even handles quite similarly. However, several small upgrades have produced a more accessible gun. 

Here are a few features that stand out in the GLOCK 19 Generation 4:

  • Smaller frame
  • Modular backstrap system
  • Enlarged reversible magazine
  • Dual-recoil spring assembly
  • Rough textured frame (RTF)

Let’s take a closer look at these highly enticing features:

Beautiful Backstraps

Shooters will enjoy increased customization based on the Gen 4’s overall feel in their hands because of the modular backstrap system. 

GLOCK has executed a backstrap design that hits the sweet spot of not being too small and dainty or big and bulky, pleasing all types of gun-users. Also, it’s possible to remove the Gen 4’s small backstrap with a medium or large version.

Keeping Both Hands in Mind

The Gen 4’s dual-recoil spring assembly seems to be a feature explicitly added to please left-handed shooters. Southpaws have always tended to struggle with between-magazine transitions.

It’s often a necessity to purchase extra parts in making a gun reversible. Whereas GLOCK manufactured an interchangeable part that seamlessly fits on the right and left.

While previous versions of the G19 could be criticized for their small magazine catch size, this issue has been rectified in this Gen 4 GLOCK. 

Recoil Reduction

A new spring assembly didn’t necessarily succeed in fixing the single-action firing mode – a sore point for many GLOCK users. What it did do, however, was mitigate much of the recoil experienced in older generations. Double-action pistols generally come with a heavier trigger-pull than the single action variety.

Through the addition of the dual recoil spring assembly, GLOCK has designed a pistol with enhanced accuracy. Something else worth noting is that this feature prevents fatigue and over-anticipation in more novice users.

Vastly Improved Grip

When held up against the less evolved version of the G19, the designers of the Gen 4 can celebrate the firmer grip experienced in the upgrade. The new RTF might be a touch coarse for those with softer hands, but more calloused hands will enjoy the benefits of this addition. 

Due to this considerable grip improvement, Gen 4 users with a stock grip will enjoy more accuracy in every shot. 

Taking A Look At The GLOCK 19 Gen 5

As if the Gen 4 GLOCK wasn’t already an outstanding gun, the Gen 5 was another big leap forward. While these differences may not be immediately apparent on the surface, there are some interesting new things going on “under the hood”.  

First and foremost, Gen 5’s hand-feel is an entirely different beast than its predecessors. Yes, it looks like any other GLOCK (which is a good thing!). But the shooter’s experience is drastically elevated via 20 unique modifications.

Of those 20 upgrades, this blog will examine 3 of the most significant examples:

Damage Resistance

With the Gen 5, GLOCK wanted to solve a problem faced by all shooters: they drop their gun, which leads to scratching. Given the amount of money spent on a firearm, it’s understandable that gun enthusiasts aim to keep their handguns in pristine condition.

The Gen 5 utilized an advance ion bonded (NDLC) finish that prevents scratching. Whether the pistol is dropped on the ground or smacked off a metal object, it’ll remain in pristine condition. 

This feature has faced treacherous environments during testing and is proven to significantly extend a firearm’s shelf-life.

Heightened Accuracy

One pivotal feature found in the Gen 5 is the Glock Marksman Barrel – which was intricately engineered to improve accuracy. 

The Gen 5’s barrel benefits from enhanced rifling to bolster a shooter’s marksmanship at 25 meters and beyond.

Ergonomic and Comfortable Grip

In prior generations of the GLOCK 19, the finger grooves have been frequently derided by shooters. 

While they’re supposedly meant to increase traction and help keep optimal grip placement, the finger grooves come up short on this front. 

Thus, when the Gen 5 was designed, the finger grooves were removed so that GLOCK owners could grip the gun as they pleased. Meaning that this GLOCK 19 version comes with the most ergonomic and comfortable grip compared to previous iterations.

Finally, combining the RTF with the lack of finger grooves offers superior control over any recoil. It allows the shooter to maintain a flush grip.

Additional GLOCK 19 Accessories

Another great feature of the GLOCK 19 is how modular it is. As a result, there is a huge market for Glock modifications, accessories, and upgrades.  Here are a few things that can be added onto a GLOCK 19 to make it even better.

Night Sights

While the stock sights your GLOCK comes with are just fine for day time range shooting, night sights will help you line up that target more easily at night. Night sights are typically glowing green dots, as opposed to the stock white sights.

The subtle glow of the sights makes it easier to differentiate your target from their surroundings in low light. Best of all, most night sights will revert to a white color or show white rings in the day time for a more traditional sight. 

Customized Lights

A GLOCK 19 pistol light offers customization and high-powered illumination, helping see your target clearly even in pitch black.  

Lights can usually be mounted directly on the GLOCK itself or even on an external assembly like a GLOCK conversion kit. For example, the MCKFL is a front flashlight that works with our MCK model.  

One matter to keep in mind is that it adds extra weights. So, a few rounds at the range are suggested before bringing it into a more practical scenario. 

If you’re just using your gun for shooting at the range, light may not be necessary. However, if you plan to have your gun for home defense, investing in a light may be a good idea.

Gen 4 Compensator 

Any shooter looking to offset any recoil, muzzle flip, and the need for a threaded barrel, will appreciate the GLOCK 19 Gen 4 Compensator. 

Both competition shooters and Special-Ops forces regularly need to manipulate the slide with one hand; therefore, they tremendously benefit from this feature.

Perfection Might Not Exist, but the GLOCK 19 May Be As Close As It Gets

Whether a gun owner is a law enforcement officer, requires a firearm for home defense, or merely enjoys visits to the shooting range, the GLOCK 19 has you covered. It’s reliable, accurate, easy-to-use, and easy to conceal making it pretty much the perfect all-around handgun. Is it the best conceal carry? Read more here to find out.

If you’re thinking about buying a handgun, it’s always a great idea to go to your local range and try out a few different brands and models to get a feel for what you like. While you’re there, we definitely suggest trying out a GLOCK 19. 

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