MCK Handle Grip kits from Handleitgrips

MCK Handle Grip kits from Handleitgrips


* MCKHGGEN2 works with these models: MCKGEN2, MCK34/41GEN2, MCKP80, MCK21GEN2


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The HANDLEITGRIPS are designed to custom fit your specific MCK and provide outstanding grip, comfort, and control of the platform. The enhanced rubber grips improve accuracy, control, and recoil management.

For the MCK fans that are always looking for the next add-on, our new grips will provide a contrast to and break up the look of your MCK while also being very practical. HANDLEITGRIPS will give you a better grip on your conversion kit in any terrain or weather conditions!

Easy to install, the grip enhancement can be fully installed within 7-10 minutes!

Just like our Micro Conversion Kits, these HANDLEITGRIPS are 100% Made in the USA!

We, at CAA USA, are honored to be the exclusive seller of the MCK HANDLEITGRIPS.

MCK Model

MCKHG – for MCK, MCKHG21 – For MCK21 (MCK21 Gen 1 Only), MCKHG26 – For MCK26/27GEN2, MCKHG43 – for MCK43/48GEN2, MCKHGGEN2 – For MCKGEN2 / MCK21GEN2 / MCK34/41GEN2 / MCKP80, MCKHGS&W – For S&W M&Ps, MCKHGSA – For MCKSA9 / MCKSA45, MCKHGSD9 – For MCKSWSD9, MCKHGSHIELD – For MCKSHIELD, MCKHGSIG – For MCKSIG, MCKHG29 – for MCK29/30GEN2, MCKHGCZ07 – for MCK7/09GEN2

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