• UPGS – Target AR/AK Shooting Guard Stand

      Sale! $8.00

      The UPGS Target AR/AK Shooting Guard Stand provides a solid surface for hand support and easily attaches to the UPG16 and UPG47 Interchangeable Pistol Grip.

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    • TPR15X | Rail System


      The TPR15X for AR15 rifiles, is an aluminum constructed rail system that securely attaches to front sights. Designed with flexibility, the TPR15X rail provides 2 1/4′ four position rails for flashlights to be mounted for custom AR15 accessories. ? Equipped for height adjustments above barrel ? Easy to fit/remove and secured by Allen bolts ? Constructed of high density…

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    • HX1 | MP5 Picatinny Hand Guard


      The HX1 Picatinny Hand Guard Rail System replaces the original hand guard with our aluminum Picatinny hand guard. This rail system provides flexibility with MP5 accessory slots in a lightweight, sleek design. Designed with versatility, the HX1 enables the attachment of optional Picatinny rail sections and other accessories for mounting tactical lights, slings, grips, and…

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    • LAS – Beamshot 1000S Red Dot Laser

      Sale! $18.49
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    • M44S | AR/M4 Polymer Hand Guard Quad Rail


      The M44S Polymer Handguard Quad Rail for AR15/M4 rifles with durability, reliability, and maintaining balance while interfacing with all issued weapon system components. The M44S Polymer Handguard Quad Rail defines as a superior zero retention by having the upper three rail section mount underneath the end cap and secured in a place with a…

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    • MST500 | Mossberg 500 Shotgun Pistol Grip


      The MST500 Shotgun Pistol Grip is a superb addition for any tactical professional. The six-position collapsible stock provides shooters with variable range of movement needed for quickly changing field conditions or range preparing. Built with high-grade polymer ensures maximum durability, this Shotgun Stock is an excellent way to upgrade a Mossberg 500 12 gauge shotgun.…

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    • PGS – Pressure Switch Mount – Picatinny

      Sale! $7.47

      The PGS Pressure Switch Mount provides a solid location for your remote cable and switch. Designed specifically for the IDF forces for the original G2 remote. Attaches to all BP grip models and the PVG forearm grip with a clip. Features four arms surrounding the forearm grip to prevent slipping. Great for both left…

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    • PRFCS | Picatinny Rail for OEM Collapsible Stock

      Sale! $5.50

      The PRFCS Polymer Picatinny Rail for Collapsible Stock allows the ability of mounting an Adjustable Checkpiece (ACP), or the 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Holder SSM or a variety of other rail mounted accessories. It’s solidly constructed of rugged fiberglass reinforced high-density polymer to provide a lifetime of heavy use. It mounts thru the sling opening adding…

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    • RCB2 – 2 1/4" Picatinny Belt Clip

      Sale! $16.00
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    • SAW | Squad Automatic Weapon Sling


      The SAW Squad Automatic Weapon Sling allows easy movement while operating inside tight spaces. The SAW Squad Automatic Weapon Sling allows an operator to influence the mobility of one-point connection for direct activity or stability. It also provides flexibility and durability in a versatile sling framework. The SAW can also increase operator survivability by keeping the weapon in the battle if there should be…

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    • TPSODG – Three Point Sling

      Sale! $17.50
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    • One Point Sling + Push Button, Quick Detach Sling Swivel

      Sale! $45.00

      One Point Sling May Vary Based On Inventory Stay attached and stay in control with the CAA USA one-point bungee sling & quick detach sling swivel. Affixes to the bottom of the MCK (any generation) and wraps around your head and shoulder to make a quality, fast-deploy weapon retention system suitable for any…

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