• AKSFSP | AK74/AK100 Side Folding 6 Position Tube


      Designed particularly for stamped milled AK-style receivers, the AKSFSP Side Folding 6 Position Telescopic Tube permits users to adjust the length of the buttstock to an ideal reach for ideal shooting comfort. Six separate locking positions offer the versatility expected to immediately change the rifle from an extended out length to…

    • MCK P80 | Micro Conversion Kit P80+ Ballistic Sling Bag Kit

      Sale! From: $410.00 $335.00


    • XRS74YG | AK Rail System


      The XRS74YG Rail System is a fully-featured for modern AK rifles. The XRS74YG Rail System throws aside the traditional AK forearm and offers an extended choice giving better shooting positions, designed with aluminum chassis for strength and quality.  This hand guard gives Picatinny and other mounting solutions. ? Simple, yet…

    • XGS | Galil Picatinny Hand Guard


      The XGS Picatinny Hand Guard for Galil snipers combines the light weight of a standard hand watch with measured flexibility. The XG Picatinny Hand Guard allows the connection of the Picatinny rail segments and different accessories for the direct mounting of tactical lights, slings, grips, and more. Reinforced, heat-resistant aluminum construction provides operational durability without…

    • XG | Galil Picatinny Hand Guard


      The XG Picatinny Hand Guard for Galil sharpshooters consolidates the light weight of a standard hand watch with measured flexibility. The XG Picatinny Hand Guard permits the connection of the Picatinny rail segments and different accessories for the immediate mounting of strategic lights, slings, grips, and more. Reinforced, heat-resistant aluminum…

    • TR5 | MP5 Top Picatinny Rail


      Intended for use with all MP5 perfect Hand Guards and Forends, TR5 Top Picatinny Rail give a practical strategy for connecting the Picatinny spec rail-mounted embellishments, for example, lights, vertical grasps, and so forth. The TR5 Top Picatinny Rail is infused with reinforced aluminum for improved quality and durabilty while…

    • TPR15X | Rail System


      The TPR15X for AR15 rifiles, is an aluminum constructed rail system that securely attaches to front sights. Designed with flexibility, the TPR15X rail provides 2 1/4′ four position rails for flashlights to be mounted for custom AR15 accessories. ? Equipped for height adjustments above barrel? Easy to fit/remove and secured by Allen bolts? Constructed of high…

    • MST500 | Mossberg 500 Shotgun Pistol Grip


      The MST500 Shotgun Pistol Grip is a superb addition for any tactical professional. The six-position collapsible stock provides shooters with variable range of movement needed for quickly changing field conditions or range preparing. Built with high-grade polymer ensures maximum durability, this Shotgun Stock is an excellent way to upgrade a Mossberg…

    • MGP500 | Mossberg 500 Shotgun Grip


      The MGP500 Mossberg Shotgun Grip is an ambidextrous, user-configurable buttstock intended to add much-needed adjustability to the time tested Mossberg500 12ga shotgun. Highlighting a spacer framework for length of draw conformity, enhanced hold ergonomics, pull back decreasing butt-pad, discretionary cheek risers for use with optics/raised sights, and different accessories. ?…

    • HX3K – MP5K Picatinny Handguard


      The HX3K Picatinny Handguard Rail System for MP5K model rifles with mid-length framework consolidate the lightweight of a standard hand guard with particular flexibility. Outlined in view of adaptability, HX3K allows the Picatinny rail areas and picatinny accessories for immediate mounting of tactical lights, slings, grasps, and so forth. Designed with…

    • HX3 | MP5 Picatinny Hand Guard


      The HX3 Picatinny Hand Guard Rail System replaces the original hand guard with our aluminum Picatinny hand guard. This rail system provides flexibility with MP5 accessory slots in a lightweight, sleek design. Designed with versatility, the HX3 enables the attachment of optional Picatinny rail sections and other accessories for mounting tactical lights,…

    • DVSR – Dual Scope Rings – Picatinny


      The DVSR Dual Scope Rings is an arrangement of two extended mounting rings for Picatinny rails. The rings ranges the tubes to fit sizes from 1″ to 1.18″ in diameter securely. The center of the scope rings has a height measurement that ranges from 1.82 and the variable mount fixes to the rail with…

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