• PATH01 | Hartman Patch


    This is the official patch of Hartman Optics, LLC.2″ tall x 3″ wide PVC patch

  • KEYC02 | Micro Roni® Keychain


    This is the official keychain of the original Micro Roni® Pistol-Carbine Conversion kit. CAA USA DOES NOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY, USA & USA TERRITORY ONLY!

  • KEYC03 | MH1 Keychain


    This is the official keychain of the original Hartman MH1 Reflex Sight. CAA USA DOES NOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY, USA & USA TERRITORY ONLY!

  • TRM1 | AR Single 3” Rail Mount

    40% $5.00$7.50 $12.50 $7.50

    The TRM1 Single 3″ Rail Mounting System for AR15 rifles. This versatile single rail is designed with reinforced Polymer material to ensure the rail will remain securely under all operating conditions. Combine all single 3″ rails for lower handguards for an easy grip and thumb access to flashlight & lasers mounting…

  • AKMR | Extended AK Magazine Release

    46.6% $6.99$8.00 $14.99 $8.00

    kThe AKMR Extended AK Magazine Release is designed for AK magazines to be securely attached. This AK Magazine Release is designed for an easy release and a much faster magazine reloads. ? Lightweight and compact Polymer designed ? Equipped with a thumb lever easy to reach AKMR Extended Magazine Release Measurements ? Width: 1.57″ ? Height:…

  • PREH | OEM Handguard Picatinny Rail – AR/M4


    A 5.6 inch Picatinny rail which can be easily installed on an existing OEM AR15 / M4 rifle or carbine handguard ? Single Picatinny rail screws into existing vent holes on the handguards? Fits most handguard? Excellent for mounting lasers, flashlights, vertical grips, bipods and more. Related Info CAA USA DOES NOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY, USA &…

  • MCK Mug


    Official MCK Mug! For your coffee. Or your tea. Or your hot chocolate… We don’t judge. Put whatever you want to drink in it! Even if it’s kombucha. 11 fl.oz. clay mug.

  • ACP | Cheek Rest for CBS Stock

    50% $11.00$11.00 $11.00$22.00

    The ACP Adjustable Cheek Piece is fully adjustable with an ambidextrous piece designed to mount only onto the CBS collapsible stock. The ACP cheek piece gives a firm cheek rest, and becomes a remarkable combination of our stock and cheek rest. ? Provides a comfortable adjustable cheek weld ? Improves target-to-target acquisition…

  • PRFCS | Picatinny Rail for OEM Collapsible Stock


    The PRFCS Polymer Picatinny Rail for Collapsible Stock allows the ability of mounting an Adjustable Checkpiece (ACP), or the 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Holder SSM or a variety of other rail mounted accessories. It’s solidly constructed of rugged fiberglass reinforced high-density polymer to provide a lifetime of heavy use. It mounts thru the…

  • FSM15P | Dual Picatinny Rail Front Sight


    Intended for use with AR15/M4 rifles, the FSM15P Dual Picatinny Rail Front Sight gives a compelling technique for connecting different accessories such as lights, vertical grips, and more. The Picatinny Rail Front Sight section additionally includes angled finishes to reduce tearing and wipe out sharp corners and edges. All equipment…

  • CP1 | AR OEM Cheek Riser


    The cheek riser helps raises eye level for proper alignment with optics. The CP1 Cheek Riser is originally designed for the AR15/M16 OEM Stock. ? Raises cheek riser .55” in height? Installs instantaneously with most collapsible stocks including the CBS collapsible buttstock? No assembly required – locks in place? Made of tough reinforced…

  • CP2 | AR OEM Stock Cheek Riser


    The clip on CP2 cheek rest for the AR15 and M16 OEM Stock raises .55” in height. It is to help eye level for proper alignment for sight or optics. ? Provides a comfortable cheek weld ? Installs instantly on most AR15/M16 collapsible stocks  with slots ? No assembly required – snaps into…

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