• MCKSBL | Extended Stabilizer Brace

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      The Stabilizer Extender Brace is the new and extended stock for ONLY the Micro RONI® Stabilizer platform. It enables one-handed firing for better shooting performance, and better for shouldering. It also comes with a hook and loop fastener provides a custom fit to any user. Designed mainly for the US market only.

    • BHM | Belt Holster Micro


      Belt Holster for the Micro Conversion Kit from CAA USA. Carrying your micro conversion kit made easy. This holster fits all of our past micro conversion kits as well as our future conversion kits. FEATURES: + Angled for quick and easy draw + Locks in place and uses quick release…

    • Stabilizer Brace | MRSSTB


      Licensed by SB Tactical™ The Stabilizer Brace is the short replacement stock for ONLY the Micro RONI® Stabilizer platform. It enables one-handed firing for better shooting performance, and better for shouldering. It also comes with a hook and loop fastener provides a custom fit to any user. Designed mainly for the US market…

    • One Point Sling + Push Button Swivel


      The One Point Sling (OPS) and Push Button Sling Swivel (PBSS) combine to allow operators to maneuver one-point attachments for direct action to more stability. The OPS with the Sling Swivel permits users to switch from a weapon on the shoulder, to quick reaction and minimize exposure. The OPS with PBSS incorporates a…

    • CGRIP | Ergonomic Vertical Grip


      The CGRIP Ergonomic Foream Grip is intended for the Picatinny rail hand guard. It is a fundamental, lightweight, vertical grip. Shaped ergonomically intended with vertical hold and includes all mounting equipment. The CGRIP has a comfortable forward grip with finger grooves and a palm rest made of Polymer. ? Equipped with…

    • M4S1 | AR/M4 Picatinny Handguard


      The M4S1 Picatinny Handguard for AR15/M4 rifles with mid-length framework and ergonomically designed with a polymer style. The M4S1 Handguard gives a lightweight, smooth, tech savvy outline. The M4S1 Picatinny rail allows for mounting strategic lights, slings, grasps, and so forth. This reinforced AR tactical accessory, the M4S1 Picatinny Handguard,…

    • MHUIC | User Interface for Hartman MH1


      The Hartman MH1 user interface communicates with the MH1 sight via UI USB connection and a micro-USB cable (provided with MH1) while connected to a computer and Hartman MH1 software (downloadable at www.hartman-il.com). The user interface software is an application that changes the reticle brightness, sleep mode times, low battery…

    • MCKSTK | Stock for MCK


        The MCKSTK is the stock for ONLY the MCK/Micro Roni platform. The lightweight and sturdy platform. Easy to install. ? Equipped with a side-folding button ? MCK disassembly required. (easy) MCKSTK FITS: MCK MICRO RONI • Micro Roni GEN3 17 • Micro Roni GEN3 19 • Micro Roni GEN3 Stabilizer 17 • Micro Roni GEN3 Stabilizer 19 • Micro Roni…

    • OPSMP | Push Button Sling Swivel Mount – AR/M4


      The OPSMP Push Button Sling Swivel Mount for the M16 rifle is made using tough aluminum with a matte black finish. The sling mount essentially slides into place over the tube without the hassle of disassembling the tubing. Suitable for left or right-handed users, the OPSMP Push Button Sling Swivel Mount…

    • PTT | MH1 Remote Control


      Our ambidextrous Infrared (IR) Push-To-Transmit (PTT) Hartman Remote Control with the strap can be operated from both right and left sides of the forearm grip. This activates the sight for a Hartman MH1 Red Dot Reflex Sight, and controls the brightness levels of the reticle. The Hartman Remote Control allows…

    • SAW | Squad Automatic Weapon Sling


      The SAW Squad Automatic Weapon Sling allows easy movement while operating inside tight spaces. The SAW Squad Automatic Weapon Sling allows an operator to influence the mobility of one-point connection for direct activity or stability. It also provides flexibility and durability in a versatile sling framework. The SAW can also increase operator survivability by keeping the weapon in the battle if…

    • SBS | AR/M4 Skeleton Stock


      The SBS Skeleton Style Buttstock for the AR-15 and M16 is a lightweight model designed for fast shouldering, fitting both commercial and “MIL-Spec” tubes. The SBS is intended to offer a modified feel for accurate targeting, excluding excess weight without adjusting on strength or durability. The Skeleton style buttstock is…

    • SHS | Slim Ambidextrous Inner Holster


      The SHS utilizes the same modular system as the AHS, yet offers a slimmer, low profile ambidextrous design, which provides a super comfortable carry and feel, as well as an excellent and positive pistol grip for a perfect draw. ? The SHS design provides the user with a comfortable IWB…

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