Stocks & Stock Tubes

Stocks & Stock Tubes

    • AK47SFSP | AK Polymer Side-Folding Tube


      The AK47SFSP 6 Position Polymer Side-Folding Tube allows the installation of M4-style stocks on most AK-style stamped receivers. The 6 Position Polymer Side-Folding Tube provides rifle experts and professionals with extra carry capabilities and easily converts from left-hand to right-hand folding positions. The polymer construction of the stock tube features an internal aluminum lock…

    • AKSFSP | AK74/AK100 Side Folding 6 Position Tube


      Designed particularly for stamped milled AK-style receivers, the AKSFSP Side Folding 6 Position Telescopic Tube permits users to adjust the length of the buttstock to an ideal reach for ideal shooting comfort. Six separate locking positions offer the versatility expected to immediately change the rifle from an extended out length to…

    • AKUFSA | AK Aluminum Tube


      The AKUFSA 6 Position Aluminum Tube accommodates installation of a M4 carbine-style stock on an AK47 with an unfolding stock. Created at a higher, compliment point takes into account higher cheek welding. It also provides a longer length of pull compared to a standard AK stock. It also provides a longer length of…

    • ARS | Short Sniper AR Stock


      The ARS Short Multi Position Sniper AR Stock is specifically engineered for designed Marksman. This sniper stock model enables users to provide enhanced accurate rapid fire. Designed to offer shorter length specifically for AR-15 and M16 and similar collapsible tubes, the ARS is adjustable for height and length-of-pull positioning. This aluminum…

    • CMGPAT500 | Mossberg 500/590 Collapsible Stock & Pistol Grip


      The CMGPAT500 Shotgun Stock Pistol Grip is an ambidextrous stock system that replaces a regular factory buttstock with a pistol grip. Its versatility is made for Mossberg 500/590 with length adjustment, user-friendly grip handling, and other ergonomics. The CMGPAT500 Shotgun Stock is available in one color and brings stability, accuracy and better comfort for…

    • G3TUBE | H&K G3 Tube


      Overhaul your H&K G3 rifle to an AR15 collapsible stock with the Command Arms: H&K G3 6 Position Tube is constructed from high quality endurance aluminum; the connector is guaranteed to last. Intended for maximum versatility, the H&K G3 6 Position Tube has six stock positions for optimal user customization…

    • SRS | Long Multi Position Sniper Stock


      The SRS long multi sniper stock is designed for a precision marksman. The sniper stock provides a rapid targeting acquisition, much faster with an accurate follow up shot. It is completely adjustable and features a rear-folding leg that converts an A2, A4, or SR25 rifle with a bipod into a stable…

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