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    • MCKFBUS | Front Flip Back Up Sight


      The MCKFBUS Front Flip Back Up Sight is an adjustable connection point for the Picatinny rail. The front sight is planned particularly for the center poster to help elevation with no additional tools required. MCKFBUS Front Flip Back Up Sight is focused on the operator’s eye sight for targeting. ? No…

    • MCKRBUS | Rear Flip Back Up Sight


      The MCKRBUS Rear Flip Back Up Sight is a three operator selectable all-polymer sighting conveying maximum usefulness and quality with least mass at a value that is significantly smaller than its size. The flexible Rear Flip-Up Sight adjusts to the Picatinny rail mounting applications, including the standard military A2 style;…

    • OPS | One Point Sling


      The OPS One Point Sling allows easy movement while operating inside tight spaces. The OPS One Point Sling allows an operator to influence the mobility of one-point connection for direct activity or stability. It also provides flexibility and durability in a versatile sling framework. The OPS can also increase operator survivability by keeping the weapon in the battle if…

    • PBSS | Push Button Sling Swivel


      The PBSS Push Button Sling Swivel is made of steel for long lasting durability for single and two point sling users. The sturdy 0.2″ thick Push Button Sling Swivel is compatible with sling attachment points to CAA Roni, buttstocks, picatinny rails and sling mounts. The PBSS Push button allows the…

    • G9 | Roni Charging Handle


      The Charging Handle for the Micro RONI & RONI platforms. This charging handle fits the following handguns:   GLOCK • G17 GEN3 • G17 GEN4 • G19 GEN3 • G19 GEN4 • G22 GEN3 • G22 GEN4 • G23 GEN3 • G23 GEN4 • G25 GEN3 • G25 GEN4 •…

    • MLA | Modular Flashlight Adapter


      The one of a kind modular light adapter can be purchased with or without the flashlight (MRFL). It allows you to transition from your belt to your Glock (GEN 3 & above), or belt to Micro Roni / Stabilizer, or from Glock to Micro Roni / Stabillizer, all in a…

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