MCK Flashlight/Laser Adaptor

* Fits ALL MCK and MCKGEN2 models.

MCK Targeting Laser with housing (Red or Green)

Always be on target in a moments with a MCK mounted laser. The MCK Red or Green Lasers (you choose!) allow the shooter to acquire a target quickly without using their sights. It utilizes a CR123 battery (included) and fits firmly into the designated flashlight compartment of the MCK. Using the laser, you can fire from the hip as well as shooting on the move. Already have a flashlight in the multi-port of your MCK? We have a separate side mounted unit for you!  See it --> HERE

Adjustable for windage an elevation with included Allen key!


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MCK Flashlight/Laser Adaptor

CAA USA is very excited to announce our MCK (Micro Conversion Kit) Flashlight/Laser Adaptor. With the MCKFLA adaptor, you are now able to run your flashlight in the front of your MCK and a red/green laser on the side Picatinny rail, or vice versa.

By having a side-mounted laser/light, the front of the MCK can now be used for other CAA USA add-ons like our MCK Bayonet, for example.

Constructed from durable, reinforced polymer, the new MCKFLA can be installed on either side of your MCK and features a rugged on/off button for quick target acquisition.

MCK Targeting Laser with housing (Red or Green)


Red, Green

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