MCK 3 in 1 Flashlight Adaptor + Flashlight

MCK 3 in 1 Flashlight Adaptor + Flashlight


***Fits older Micro Ronis, the MCK, and the MCKGEN2s.

*** Fits Green and Red laser and even our MCK Bayonet

- +



Our MCK3N1 is a new modular adaptor that allows the shooter multiple options to carry our MCK Flashlight.


With the MCK3N1, you are able to carry our MCKFL on a belt (OWB), or as a weapon-mounted flashlight that attaches to the universal rail of your Glock, or you can quickly and easily transition the MCKFL from the adaptor to put into the front of your Micro Conversion kit, MCK.


This product can be purchased with or without the flashlight. (MCKFL)

Flashlight Option

With Flashlight, No Flashlight

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