Now Is The Time To Fight The ATF

Now Is The Time To Fight The ATF

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1704 Park Central Blvd N

Pompano Beach FL 33064



Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)

99 New York Avenue NE

Washington, D.C. 20226


Subject: The ATF Final Rule regarding Stabilizing Braces and its effect


To Whom It May Concern,


We the undersigned respectfully request that the ATF retract the final rule regarding stabilizing braces from January 2023.

We feel that the attempt to implement this reclassification is nothing more than an exercise in futility. There are upwards of 40 million stabilizing braces owned by patriotic, tax paying, law-abiding citizens. The final rule regarding stabilizing braces does nothing more than penalize them for exercising their Second Amendment right. With this many braces in circulation, it is in common use by law abiding citizens. We are not the problem, yet we are bearing the brunt of this change while criminals and terrorists who ignore your rules now, will continue to do so regardless of this unconstitutional change.

Meanwhile, companies across the country have begun and continue to reduce their workforce leaving dozens if not hundreds unemployed, many of whom are minorities. While we are sure this wasn’t the ATF’s intention, it is nonetheless the result. Not to mention the unjust burdens on our disabled veterans who without stabilizing braces find their ability to enjoy their second amendment rights diminished or outright impossible. The stabilizing brace was created so that these great men and women who sacrificed so much could enjoy this freedom without the necessity of jumping through hoops, technicalities, and heightened scrutiny. Though we don’t accept the ATFs position to make firearms less concealable, the irony is that by attaching a stabilizer brace to the pistol it becomes larger, making it harder to conceal.

We ask that you retract the final rule on stabilizing braces, just like it was retracted by you on December 31st 2020.  Not only because it is destined to fail in the court system, but to save the millions of dollars this will cost the American taxpayers. To show the law-abiding citizens that they are not your target and finally, build a bridge between the ATF and the patriotic citizens of this great country. Thus sowing the seeds to a new, productive, mutually understanding relationship that can only benefit both sides. All the undersigned see that this is as simple as doing what is right versus what is wrong. It should not be about politics; it should be about justice. We are not the bad guys. We hope your response to all the undersigned is a great start in the right direction, lets concentrate on stopping the truly bad guys and protect our country and citizens from the many threats we face.


Best Regards,


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