Founded in 2004, CAA is a long-established designer, developer and world class producer of modern tactical accessories, optics, tools and upgrades targeting the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement and firearm enthusiasts across the globe. 

CAA is proud to have invented many modern tactical accessories that have become the benchmark for the firearm industry.

CAA outfits firearms for maximum performance in any environment. Our innovative products improve your accuracy, grip, aim, and enhance balance and performance. When equipping your firearm with our range of accessories, the user's daily operations will become fluid and consistent.

In the recent years, CAA is breaking new grounds with the legendary Kalashnikov AK family of firearms, modernizing and creating the most advanced firearm in the world today, the AK ALPHA.

CAA has also ventured into the world of optics, through its sister company Hartman Optics, developing the MH-1, a 21st century 
optical sight with advantages and features found nowhere else.

Our team has years of experience in the Israeli elite special forces. Coming from and working with the most elite military forces, CAA has evolved into an international company that supplies truly rugged military-spec and reliable equipment for firearm enthusiasts worldwide, ranging from users operating in the most hostile environments, international warfare conflicts, covert operations, and civilian use.



About our founder: Mr. Moshe Oz – Owner, CAA Industries Ltd.


Mr. Moshe Oz is the founder and president of CAA Industries Ltd., Israel, as well as Hartman Ltd.

Moshe Oz has served for 19 years in the most elite Special Forces units of the Israeli military and police, gaining first-hand knowledge, experience and understanding of the real operational needs of a combat warrior.

Based on his long years of experience, Moshe Oz founded CAA and went on to develop the CAA line of iconic modern tactical accessories such as the folding pistol grip / bipods for firearms and the RONI, Pistol Carbine Conversion system.

Moshe Oz is the leader and mastermind in the development of the AK ALPHA. Based on the legendary AK family of firearms. 
The AK ALFA is a giant leap forward, modernizing and creating the most advanced firearm in the world today.

Another brainchild of Moshe Oz is the Micro-RONI, CAA's newest compact addition for a pistol carbine conversion kit, which is creating an unprecedented market buzz. The Micro-RONI has been awarded with the Home Writers’ Choice Award from the Big 3 East Event.

Under the leadership of Moshe Oz, the CAA Group of companies is determined to be in the front line of firearm and sporting goods industry.


CEO CAA USA Lt. Col. (Ret.) Mikey Hartman of the IDF, founder and former 20 year commander of the IDF Marksmanship and Sharpshooting School, trained more than half a million IDF soldiers in his career and a few thousand U.S. troops as well. 

Hartman wrote the entire tactical shooting doctrine of the Israeli Defense Forces and now brings his extensive experience to add to CAA market presence in the U.S. market.