Important Things To Consider When Buying A Glock Conversion Kit

Jul 15, 2020 | Glock

By now, most firearm enthusiasts have seen, or at least heard, about Glock conversion kits. These handgun conversion kits are used to make traditional pistols more accurate by allowing you to stabilize them with your arm. 

In other words, owners can still enjoy the portability that comes with a handgun while gaining the more sturdy platform and shooting accuracy that a carbine offers.

So What Is A Glock Conversion Kit?

To start, let’s first talk about who Glock is. Glock is a federally certified handgun maker in the US. They produce a wide variety of semi-automatic handguns including the popular Glock 17, Glock 19, and Glock 21 models. 

Glock handguns are known for their reliability and accuracy, but at the end of the day there’s a limit on the accuracy and range that a shooter can expect from a traditional handgun. This is because the subtle movements from the trigger pull to your arms recoil will all cause the trajectory of a bullet to shift once it’s fired.

Simply put, a Glock conversion kit serves to make a handgun more accurate at a longer range. The kit is comprised of a carbine assembly that your Glock can be mounted into. Once the gun is mounted, it can then be held and stabilized like a traditional carbine which allows for greater accuracy.

With Glock conversion kits like the Micro-Roni or MCK, gun owners can fit multiple Glock models into the same assembly. 

Why Do Glock Owners Need A Glock Conversion Kit 

If you’re new to firearms, the concept of a handgun conversion kit may foreign. While a standard Glock handgun is an excellent weapon, there are many benefits that come with buying a Glock conversion kit. These include:

  • Improved shooting control and accuracy at longer ranges
  • It allows enthusiasts to enjoy the accessory options that can only be used with a rifle. For instance, a Picatinny rail can be used with a converted Glock.
  • Let’s be honest, a conversion kit can be a lot of fun to shoot. It allows a firearm hobbyist to feel like they’re shooting a larger weapon without the added power and recoil. 
  • The right kit is very safe for transport and still easy to conceal. This makes them perfect for carrying in a vehicle, a bag, a briefcase, or even on your person.
  • For use in home-invasion scenarios. The improved accuracy makes the weapon far safer to discharge in smaller spaces like hallways and bedrooms.

Buying a Glock Conversion Kit: What You Need To Know

Thinking about “pulling the trigger” and buying a Glock conversion kit?  Here are a few things you should know before choosing a model.


This is one of the most important factors to look out for when buying a Glock conversion kit. One reason people choose Glock handguns is because they are lightweight and compact. When looking at conversion kits, you’ll want to make sure to select one that is still comfortable to carry and fire. 

For those gun owners that equate the weight of a weapon with its sturdiness and reliability, this is not the case with kits produced by CAA Gear Up. Glock conversion kits like the Micro Conversion Kit Gen 2+  offers a sturdy platform for shooting and are lightweight. 

Functionality and Compatibility 

In terms of functionality, expert gun owners know to get a conversion kit that fits multiple handgun models into one platform. The federally registered trademark that is Glock offers different selections of handguns. Therefore, the more guns a conversion kit can work with, the better. 

Additionally, the ease of assembly disassembly should be considered when buying a conversion kit. For some models, the conversion is as easy as attaching the charging handle to the slide serrations and sliding the pistol into the kit. For others, removing the slide is necessary (a longer process). 

Functional conversion kits come with a button and two tab system for sliding the pistol out of the kit. The improved Micro Conversion Kit, together with our MCK Micro Red Dot, is an example of a conversion kit that doesn’t require the assembly disassembly of handguns. 


While a handgun conversion kit does make a weapon more accurate, it also will increase the overall size of the weapon which can have an impact on portability.  This is why many of our newer models come with either a folding stock or folding stabilizer that allows for easier concealment and transportation.  

This way, when the weapon is being transported, it can be collapsed to easily fit in a small bag or fixed to your chest for example. Then, when it is time to use the weapon, the user can quickly unfold the stock and fire the weapon. Some models will also allow you to use the weapon as a traditional handgun while still folded.


For people new to guns, safety is an important aspect. This way, there is a reduced probability of shooting the now-carbine firearm by mistake.


The construction material of your conversion kit will determine its efficiency. Preferably, conversion kits made from a combination of aluminum and high-density polymer are the best for Glock handguns. 

With this material, it is highly unlikely that the conversion kit will show signs of wear and tear (especially around the barrel shroud) — even after hundreds of rounds. Additionally, the construction material determines durability. In layman terms, it will survive falling off a table or being tossed onto the floor at a shooting range.


The major benefit of buying a Glock conversion kit is to shoot better. Most trademarks owned by Glock shoot well. In the same vein, the same goes for conversion kits endorsed by Glock Inc or Glock. There are certain features that will determine the ergonomics of a conversion kit:

  • Top and side Picatinny rail 
  • A charging handle
  • Stock/brace 
  • Finger grip for improved stability 
  • A spare magazine holder 

Choosing The Right Glock Conversion Kit

If you’re searching for the best Glock conversion kits on the market you’ve come to the right place. CAA Gear Up offers a wide range of conversion kits with a huge selection of features and applications for all levels of gun owners.

If you’re thinking about buying your first Glock conversion kit, but still aren’t sure which is the right model for you, we’re here to help.  Feel free to browse our online store, watch our helpful product videos, or reach out to one of our customer service team members for more information.