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    • HX3SD – H&K MP5 Picatinny Handguard


      The H&K Picatinny Handguard Rail System for MP5, SD model rifles with mid-length framework consolidate the lightweight of a standard hand guard with particular flexibility. Outlined in view of adaptability, H&K allows the Picatinny rail areas and picatinny accessories for immediate mounting of tactical lights, slings, grasps, and so forth.…

    • M44S | AR/M4 Polymer Hand Guard Quad Rail


      The M44S Polymer Handguard Quad Rail for AR15/M4 rifles with durability, reliability, and maintaining balance while interfacing with all issued weapon system components. The M44S Polymer Handguard Quad Rail defines as a superior zero retention by having the upper three rail section mount underneath the end cap and secured in a…

    • M4S1 | AR/M4 Picatinny Handguard


      The M4S1 Picatinny Handguard for AR15/M4 rifles with mid-length framework and ergonomically designed with a polymer style. The M4S1 Handguard gives a lightweight, smooth, tech savvy outline. The M4S1 Picatinny rail allows for mounting strategic lights, slings, grasps, and so forth. This reinforced AR tactical accessory, the M4S1 Picatinny Handguard,…

    • MGRIP | Magazine Well Grip – AR15/M4


      A curved magazines well grip designed for close quarters battle situations and provides a comfortable grip. ? Securely attaches to any picatinny rail ? Provides more control during firing while reducing fatigue   Related Info CAA USA DOES NOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY, USA & USA TERRITORY ONLY! WARNING: Observe safe firearm handling practices at all…

    • MGRIP1 | Magazine Well Grip – AR15/M4


      The MGRIP1 Ergonomic CQB Magazine Grip is designed for the Picatinny rail hand guard. This polymer made fore grip, is modeled with a more vertical grip angle optimized checkered finger grooves and rubberized, skeleton backstrap. The MGRIP1 is made for a close and tight grip, providing a natural feel with controlled operation and comfortable carry.…

    • MR500 – Picatinny Hand Guard for Mossberg 500/590


      The MR500 Picatinny Hand Guard is a drop-in replacement for the Mossberg 500/590 12ga shotguns. It includes an extended length and front/back hand guard stops for enhanced weapon control. The MR500 is equipped to be a lightweight forend with rails. It provides three rails for mounting light, lasers, and forward…

    • MVG | Short Vertical Grip


      Intended for use with Picatinny rails, the MVG Short Vertical Grip is an essential, light weight, savvy vertical fore grip. The Short Vertical Grip is shaped ergonomically intended for use as a customary vertical grip. It is made of polymer and rubberized panels. The compact MVG gives the user a…

    • NBP | Bottom Rail Mounting Bipod


      The NBP Bottom Rail Mounting Bipod is equipped to fit onto a picatinny rail. This versatile bipod is ideal for snipers, sharpshooters, and other applications.  The NBP bipod has finger grooves for quick leg positioning. This is made of durable steel and polymer with comfortable rubber cover legs, enabling a…

    • OPSM | Sling Swivel Mount – AR/M4


      The OPSM One Sling Swivel Mount is a steel cut in sling mount for perfect AR/M4/M16 rifles. It provides a comfortable, ambidextrous balance to carry your weapon and is developed from top durable aluminum with a solid steel ring. The One Sling Swivel Mount it fits a wide range of clips. ? Compatible…

    • PL | Tactical Flashlight Mount


      The PL1 Tactical Flashlight Mount is a compact and efficient mount that’s made for tactical use. This one-piece mount is designed to have a quick release, and Polymer material that provides quick and secure mounting of a flashlight or laser to a Picatinny rail. The PL1 Tactical Flashlight Mount gives…

    • PLS | Tactical Flashlight Mount (Screw Tighten)


      The PLS Tactical Low Profile Flashlight Mount is a screw tightened mount for Picatinny rails. The one-piece instrument is considered for quick release or alteration along the rail. Developed with strengthened polymer, the Tactical Low Profile Flashlight Mount nearly eliminates light compatibility concerns by conveniently including everything you need to mount. ? Designed to easily access flashlight’s…

    • PLSQ | Tactical Flashlight Mount (Quick Detach)


      This PLSQ Tactical Low Profile Flashlight Mount locks securely on to an ordinary Picatinny rail, offering plenty of choice of mounting points for a flashlight or laser of up to 19mm diameter. The PLS34Q Tactical Low Profile Flashlight Mount is equipped with a quick release system that makes detaching the…

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