Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 vs. G2C
Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 vs. G2C
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Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 vs. G2C

If you want an easy-to-wield, concealable, and lightweight sidearm, Taurus handguns are a great choice. Which should you choose between the Taurus PT111 G2 and G2C? Let’s find out.

Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 vs. G2C

The Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 and G2C are favorites among those who prefer compact Glock-style pistols. Both pistols have efficient double-action designs that ensure second-strike capability and reduce the risk of jamming.

The G2C and PT111 Millennium G2 have roughly the same dimensions and weight, and they both work with double-stacked magazines that hold 9mm Luger rounds. Both guns also have an impressive range and require minimal maintenance. Despite their high quality and reliability, the Taurus G2C and G2 are surprisingly affordable, costing around $200.

What’s Different?

The Taurus G2 launched in 2005, making it the direct predecessor of the Taurus G2C, which launched in 2013. Both guns are ideal for home and self-defense or law enforcement and military officers in the line of duty. However, these guns have slight differences that you should consider before picking one. These differences include:


The Taurus G2 comes in a black box, while the Taurus G2C comes in a white box. Both boxes are roughly the same size, but the design of the G2C box is more modern and eye-catching. Also, even though the G2C is a direct successor to the Taurus PT111 Millennium G2, you don’t have to call it the Taurus PT111 Millennium G2C. Its name is simply the Taurus G2C.

From afar, both guns look similar, but up close, the G2C is a better looker. Both guns are black and have the Taurus logo on the grip. The grip logo on the G2C is subtler, while the G2’s is a bit busier, consisting of the logo encircled by the Taurus brand name.

One side of the slide on the G2C has the Taurus brand name engraved into it, while the other side has G2C engraved in block letters. The G2’s slide has the Taurus logo and Millennium G2 engraved on one side and PT111 engraved in small letters on the opposite side.

Slide Finish

The PT111 Millennium G2 has a barrel length of 3.2 inches. The G2C’s barrel is slightly longer at 3.25 inches. The barrel holds the slide and above the slide is a loaded chamber indicator. The chamber indicator protrudes when a round enters the chamber.

Unlike the G2, the G2C slide has a matte black finish that does not reflect when exposed to light. The G2C’s matte black finish also makes the gun less susceptible to scratches and similar issues.

Grip Texture

Like the SIG P365, the G2 and G2C have textured grips that keep the guns from sliding out of your palm. The ergonomics of the grip ensure a firm and comfortable grip for shooters with small to medium-sized hands. However, if you have larger hands, the compact size of these guns may not be a good fit for you.

While the grip design on the G2 and G2C are similar, the grip texture on the G2C is more aggressive to ensure a firmer hold on the gun. That means if you have sweaty or slippery palms, you should go for the G2C.

Improved Trigger Safety

The G2 and G2C have a comparable trigger pull. While the trigger safety features on both guns look similar, they have a quality difference. On the G2, you will find a trigger bar safety that prevents accidental trigger pulls.

However, many users have described the G2’s trigger bar safety as flimsy and easily breakable. Taurus fixed this problem in the G2C by installing a sturdier trigger bar safety. Besides being more durable, the trigger bar safety on the G2C feels more comfortable to squeeze.

Slide Locking Mechanism Removed

The PT111 Millennium G2 has an internal lock that you can activate or unlock with a set of keys. Activating the lock stops the slide and trigger from working. In addition to the internal lock, the G2 has a thumb safety. It’s a useful manual safety feature to have if you get the G2 for home protection and have kids that might find your gun.

However, the time it takes to find the key and unlock the slide release makes this feature less ideal if you need to use your firearm quickly. Also, if you lock the gun and lose the key, the firearm becomes unusable.

Taurus did not add the internal slide lock to the G2C. Instead, the gun has only the thumb safety. Since the thumb safety is faster and easier to release, the G2C is a better choice for individuals who need to draw and fire quickly.

Are Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 and G2C Accessories Interchangeable?

At the back of the slide of both guns is a small and adjustable rear sight. On the opposite end is a dot-adorned front sight. You can upgrade these sights by buying night sights or red lasers from Taurus. Alternatively, you can opt for aftermarket accessories.

Since the P111 Millennium G2 and G2C have a similar build, most of their accessories are interchangeable. For example, you can upgrade both handguns with a CAA Gear Up accessory that allows you to convert your Taurus handgun. You can attach such upgrades to the sides of the frame. However, note that most upgrades will increase the size of the gun and prevent concealment.

Are Taurus Magazines Interchangeable?

You may mistake the slim 12-round mags in a Taurus PT111 G2 for a single-stack magazine, but they are double-stacked mags. You can use these same double-stacked magazines and the same caliber ammo in a G2C.

So – Which One Should You Buy?

The Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 and G2C are impressive firearms that are available at affordable prices. Both guns have several similarities, but the G2C is the winner for aesthetics and durability. However, if you want a safe gun, the PT111 Millennium G2 may be a better buy due to its internal slide lock feature.

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