Taking A Look At The Springfield XD
Taking A Look At The Springfield XD
Springfiled XD series

Taking A Look At The Springfield XD

The handgun market is one that is constantly changing, however the Springfield brand is one that continues to be at the top of that market. Although Springfield has many popular handgun lines, the Springfield XD series is really a standout.

The Springfield XD series is among the company’s best-selling handguns. This series consists of multiple firearms, with the most popular being the XD, the XD-Mod2, the XDM, and the XDM Elite. There are more options within the Springfield Armory XD series that are excellent choices, but the focus is on these four. 

In this post, we will review the four XD series handguns listed above. Some pros and cons come with each, but you can decide which pistol is the best fit for you.

Springfield Armory History

In 1777, George Washington ordered locals to build the Springfield Armory to store gun carriages and ammunition for the American Revolutionary War. In 1794, the Armory began manufacturing muskets for the new country. The Springfield Armory remained the supplier for every major American conflict for the next 150 years.

Due to budgetary issues, the Armory was closed in 1968. Six years later, the Reese family brought the Springfield Armory name back, and they began researching and innovating modern weapons.

Since then, the Springfield Armory has produced several finely crafted firearms over the years. In 2001, the Springfield XD made its debut. The newest development of the XD is the XD Elite, which came out in 2020. 

See how the Springfield XD series has brought many new evolutions of the pistol to light. 

What to Expect from the Springfield XD Series

Size is an important aspect to keep in mind when searching for your perfect handgun, which is what we love about this series. Whether you want a fully loaded pistol, a small compact pistol, or a combination of both, there is a handgun for you through the XD series.

All of the guns made by the Springfield Armory are top of the line. They use the best materials to promote a long life expectancy for your firearm. The extended slides on the XD models make the usage of it more manageable and allow users to attach additional accessories.

All of the Springfield XD models are striker-fired, except for the XD Elite. Another feature found almost exclusively with the Springfield XD series is the grip safety. This protective feature prevents the gun from being fired unless it is properly held. You don’t have to flip the safety on or off; it is a subconscious feature that could prevent any misfires. 

Springfield XD 

Nearly 20 years ago, the Springfield XD pistol launched, and this handgun keeps getting better. This firearm is one of the best choices for new pistol owners. It features a comfortable grip that pairs nicely with the grip safety. Even better, the grip safety disappears when the grip is appropriately depressed.

Many new gun owners enjoy the XD’s trigger safety. For a user to fire the gun, the trigger’s center blade must be pushed down all the way. This functionality prevents any accidental discharges should the handgun get caught on a holster or other object. 

This pistol is available in three different calibers. The Springfield XD 9mm is the most commonly used choice, but the XD also comes in .40 S&W and .45 ACP variants. Moreover, the XD is available in compact or full-size pistol models, which is great if you have specific purposes like home defense or daily carry. The weapon comes with an essentials kit upon purchase. 

Top Features of The Springfield XD

The Springfield XD is packed with noteworthy features. It is an accurate pistol that will restore your shooting confidence if you have been out of practice. There is no adjustment period; the accuracy begins when you take the gun out of the box.

Along with safety features, the XD also has a striker status indicator that will stick out from the back of the gun when it is loaded. This minor feature lets you verify if the weapon is loaded without press checking.

Lastly, the gun is a very affordable option that perfectly balances price and features.

Disadvantages Of The XD

One of the main downsides to the XD model is the firing ergonomics. It is an accurate gun, but overall, the firing ergonomics are not among the top traits. The trigger is not the best, which some users describe as gritty and tight. The gun also has high bore access.

Although a few downsides come with the XD, we believe the advantages and fair prices make up for it. 

Springfield XD Mod 2

The Springfield XD Mod 2, also known as the XD-S Mod.2, is a small but extremely powerful pistol. This model has a better sight than the original XD mode, as well as improved ergonomics. The pistol has a slim, single-stack frame under one inch wide, and it still packs the same power as the original.

The Springfield XD Mod 2 is an upgraded but smaller version of the XD which makes it a better concealed carry firearm. It has a higher hand position and enhanced grip texturing. The XDS 9mm is the more common model, but the weapon also comes in .40 S&W and.45 ACP calibers. 

The Springfield XD is a very reliable model and is full of upgrades, especially firearm safety features that provide you with a confident carry. 

Top Features of the XD Mod 2

On top of the incredible features already mentioned above, the XD-Mod2 has more to offer. The hammer-forged barrel design comes in handy for wear resistance and precision. The grips texturing maximizes the interface between your hand and the handgun.

Many users love that the sights are steel since the material is practically indestructible. The front blade also includes a tritium insert for easier target acquisition in low light. The loaded chamber, which is on top of the slide, can be checked visually and by touching it.

This pistol makes for a comfortable carry all day long. It is a fantastic option for a smaller handgun while still packing all the power you need. The overall strength is not taken down by size.

Disadvantages of the XD Mod 2

Size can be a downside here, depending on how you look at it. If you don’t like smaller models, then a different pistol in the XD series may be a better choice. It also has a thin slide, which can be a little trickier to manage. 

Overall, this firearm is a fantastic choice for daily carry if you don’t mind its size.

Springfield XDM

The Springfield XDM is a modern look on the XD series. It is a larger caliber handgun that has a full-size platform. The Springfield XDM 10mm is the most commonly used model, and it comes with many outstanding features.

The XDM offers the best ergonomic experience you can get on a polymer platform. It comes with multiple backstraps that can be changed out and tailored to fit your hand. The 10mm model is capable of mounting electronic sights as well. The fully cocked striker allows you to accomplish a smooth trigger pull as well as a crisp break.

This pistol’s magazine can hold as high as 19+1 in the 9mm model, offering high capacity over similar models. The XDM has stainless steel double-column magazines that offer top of the line strength and rust resistance. 

Top Features of the Springfield XDM

This excellent handgun has a fiber optic light pipe for fast acquisitions. The passive grip safety operates without any interference. You don’t have to consciously turn it on or off, and it won’t negatively affect the trigger pull.

The Springfield XDM has a striker status indicator. The indicator is a small pin on the back of the slide. It provides tactile and visual insight into the condition of the striker. Additionally, the mechanically loaded chamber indicator sits on top of the slide, making it easily accessible.

This pistol has a lot to offer if you want to customize your new gun. The XDM model has multiple slots for accessories and a match grade barrel. This firearm price varies based on which model you want, but you get your money’s worth. 

Disadvantages of the Springfield XDM

There are a few downsides to this powerful pistol. The XDM is not for beginners. It takes time to learn how to use this particular trigger, so you may have to spend more time practicing. Additionally, the side and muzzle areas get dirty after just a few rounds, so cleaning must occur more often. 

If you are okay with spending more time practicing and cleaning, the Springfield XDM is a robust pistol that has a lot of great benefits.

Springfield XD Elite

The final model in the XD series is the Springfield XD Elite. This firearm is a nice blend of all the previously mentioned weapons. This pistol has double and single action operations, making it a gun that can grow with you.

The Springfield XD Elite 9mm is available with three different barrel length options. You can get the 9mm pistol with a 3.3 inch, a 3.8 inch, or a 4.5-inch barrel. This handgun has a hammer-fired action, which allows for easy racking and charging.

The XD Elite is one inch wide, and it is built with a solid polymer frame. The melonite-coated hammer-forged barrels provide a long life expectancy and improved accuracy. The XD Elite pulls the Mod.2 grip texture into its design, which makes the pistol feel like it is locked into your hand. 

Top Features of the XD Elite

The Springfield XD Elite has a lot of magnificent features, including a low effort slide. The XD Elite model slide requires 27% less effort to slide compared to the leading striker-fired pistols within this category.

This model has a bright red fiber optic sight that provides easy and quick target acquisition. It also has an ambidextrous combination of safety and decocker, so this is user-friendly for all types of shooters.

Additionally, the double action or single action trigger is always ready. To fire the first round, you need to use the long double-action pull, which is crucial for safe carry. Each consecutive shot fires with a lighter single-action pull for accuracy and precision. 

Disadvantages of the XD Elite

With all great pistols, there are bound to be a few aspects that disappoint. Although this is intended for safety, some people do not like that the XD Elite has a long double-action trigger pull. Also, the long slide makes the top of the gun slightly heavier than the bottom, giving it an awkward feeling.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Springfield XD series offers a wide variety of features and sizes. There are some differences between each model, but they all carry some of the same features.

Overall, there are not that many concerning disadvantages to these pistols. They are well made, user friendly, and you can modify them with accessories for any occasion. 

All Springfield products come with an outstanding warranty. You are guaranteed that your firearm will be defect-free in workmanship and materials for life. The Springfield warranty lasts as long as the original register has the pistol. 

springfield xd conversion kit

Transform Your Springfield XD With An MCK

The XD family of guns are pretty impressive in their own right, but when used with our new Springfield Armory MCK you can have a full fledged XD submachine gun. 

This MCK fits 7 Different XD45 and XD10mm handgun models. It is also equipped with the MCKGEN2 Stabilizer, which allows firing when folded and locked. Best of all, there is no pistol disassembly required. Just place pistol into the conversion kit, lock it, and go.

This awesome Springfield XD MCK has just hit the market, so get yours today!

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