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What could prove to be the most anticipated firearm release of the last decade, the AGADA PCC breaks all boundaries when it comes to traditional design, ergonomics and shooter experience. No longer does the human body need to yield it’s form to the firearm, this firearm was designed specifically for the human form. With a natural “Boxing” stance, the AGADA will undoubtedly be comfortable for new shooters and with minimal hands on time a natural feel for even the most seasoned shooter.

Be some of the first ever to own this piece of history by signing up for the AGADA waiting list. You will be the first to get exclusive updates and launch information directly from CAA USA! With initial orders slated to ship in Q4 2023 & official pre-orders beginning in September 2023, don’t wait! Make sure you are in the front of the line! Make sure to choose whether you are right handed or left handed in the form below as there will be 2 separate AGADA models.

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Expected Release Q4 2023, Preorders In September 2023

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