ACP | Cheek Rest for CBS Stock

ACP | Cheek Rest for CBS Stock

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The ACP Adjustable Cheek Piece is fully adjustable with an ambidextrous piece designed to mount only onto the CBS collapsible stock. The ACP cheek piece gives a firm cheek rest, and becomes a remarkable combination of our stock and cheek rest.

? Provides a comfortable adjustable cheek weld
? Improves target-to-target acquisition
? Secure thumb tightening knob that adjust for height
? Equipped with a compatible push button that adjust and locks front to rear travel
? Fits easily for left and right-handed users
? Durable Picatinny Rail allows proper eye relief for scoped rifles horizontally

Adjustable Cheek Piece (ACP) Measurements

Height: 5.11″

? Length: 4.56″


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