CZ P07 Pistol Review From CAA Gear Up
CZ P07 Pistol Review From CAA Gear Up
cz p07 review

CZ P07 Pistol Review From CAA Gear Up

Constructed by CZ, the P07 has a nitride finish and dovetailed rear site that appeals to many users. This article reviews the P07’s polymer frame, features, ergonomics, and shootability. Check out this review to learn more about the CZ P07 handgun.

CZ P07: Introduction

Understanding the P07 requires us to learn a little about CZ (?eská Zbrojovka). The English translation for ?eská Zbrojovka is basically “Czech Armory.” The company has been producing arms and weapons since before World War II in the city of Uherský Brod, Czechia. 

CZ continued operations after the war and even while the country fell under Soviet control. During the Soviet era, the company produced innovative products, against the orders of the government, by hiring independent contractors. 

Eventually, CZ manufactured the CZ-75 and began selling the gun outside of the Iron Curtain. They had no way to patent the weapon, and due to the handgun’s comfort and accuracy, many other companies began copying their design and producing many CZ-75 clones. 

After the fall of the Iron Curtain (and the “Velvet Divorce” that split Czechoslovakia into the Czech Republic and Slovakia), the company continued producing innovative handguns, such as the CZ 75-D PCR and the SP-01, finally designing the P07. 

The P07 we’ll be reviewing in this article is a Series 2 model. The CZ P07 Duty got released in 2009, with a redesigned version getting released in 2014. Let’s learn more about these pistols.

Are Polymer-Framed Guns Worth It?

Polymer framed guns have become increasingly popular over the last decade, but are they worth it, or is it better to purchase a steel firearm? 

A polymer handgun comes with numerous benefits. Polymer frames are lighter than steel options and generally cost less if you want to watch your budget. Polymer guns have a reputation for dependability, and they can outlast a steel gun because they do not rust. 

Many companies besides CZ, including Glock, make very highly rated polymer-framed guns.

Gun Features & Review

The P07s basic specifications and features are as follows: 

  • Length of 7.2 inches
  • Width of 1.46 inches
  • Height of 5.3 inches 

The gun weighs 27.7 ounces from the factory, and you can get a 9mm P07 with a 3-dot sight. The barrel is made of cold hammer-forged steel with a black nitride finish. The gun comes with a manual safety, a firing block safety, and a safety stop found on the hammer. 

You can use an interchangeable ambidextrous set-up to work with the P07’s safety. The gun comes with a 15+1 bullet capacity and generally retails for around $525 at CZ USA dealers. In some cases, the retailer sends out a lanyard loop with the P07. 

Keep in mind that the P07 has a slightly taller bore axis than other similar firearms. This design may affect muzzle flip in some cases, but only if other factors, like recoil spring, come into play. You will likely not notice any difference due to the gun’s bore axis.

Accuracy & Reliability

Accuracy matters when you make a handgun purchase. CZ has a reputation for manufacturing guns that are very accurate when it comes to shooting. Both the single-action and the double-action versions deliver accuracy on the range. 

Reliability focuses more on your ability to trust the gun to operate the same way each time you fire it. The P07 has developed a solid reputation for reliability with both the P07 Duty version and the updated version. Many people even find that the gun has a straightforward and reliable appearance without worrying about aesthetics.

The Sights

The P07 comes from the factory with three-dot metal sights. We found these sights acceptable, but not much beyond that. You may also purchase night sights from the factory. However, do not order these expecting to get tritium sights. 

Instead, CZ provides sights covered in a type of luminescent paint. The paint glows after getting exposed to light, and the glow may last for several hours. The luminescent night sights do the job but feel like a cheap option compared to tritium sights. 

You can also find many after-market options for sights for the P07. CZ does not produce a factory option for red-dot sights or a tactical light, but companies like CAA Gear Up can provide you with alternatives to attach to your gun.


You want to purchase a handgun that feels good when you hold it. We found the P07 comfortable to hold and shoot, with a well-contoured grip. You can also adjust the feel of the gun by changing the backstrap. The company produces several backstraps in different sizes, and you can explore more interchangeable backstraps created by other companies. 

The P07 has a texture that you may find irritating if you carry it for long periods. It has a well-stippled frame, with checkering towards the front and less aggressive patterning on the side. You may also notice stippling by the trigger guard. However, you may find that you have limited space on the slide due to the internal slide rails used to hold the slide on the gun. 

Below are some more specific aspects of the gun’s ergonomic design.

The Mag Release

We found the mag release to work well on the P07. The gun uses a reversible set-up so that you can use it as either a right- or left-hander with few issues. CZ placed the mag release in an easy-to-reach area and avoided sharp edges on the release.

The Frame

The P07 has a polymer frame that contains the slide. You may notice serrations over the sides of the frame, providing you with areas to grip when you want to work the slide. Due to this internal arrangement, the gun can offer you lower recoil and a higher degree of accuracy.

The Slide

The P07 has a relatively short slide, which may make it feel challenging to grip when you first begin using the weapon. It is smaller than many full-size firearms. However, the serrations included along the side help you to rack the gun quickly.


Taking the P07 out to the range can provide you with an enjoyable time. The gun feels fun to shoot and displays a minimal amount of muzzle flip.

We found it easy to control the P07 during shooting by using the support-thumb landing area. We also appreciated the texture of the grips during shooting. The P07 comes with a single-action trigger, which may bother a shooter who prefers a more rigid wall. You may update your P07 with an after-market double-action trigger if you prefer that method of shooting. 

P07s come from the factory with the Omega trigger system. This system gives you the ability to swap quickly between a safety or decocker function. You can choose to carry the gun with the hammer down as a DA/SA pistol or carry it cocked-and-locked for daily carry. You use a safety lever to change the weapon into a cocked-and-locked position. 

The gun comes with a 15+1 capacity magazine. You can purchase additional mags from after-market companies that specialize in products that work with the P07.

Overall Fit and Finish

You can tell that a lot of care went into machining the P07. You may not see any machine marks on the slide of your firearm at all, indicating the dedication that went into the production of the weapon. We found the barrel and slide to be thick and notably strong. 

Expect the slide to come in a deep black color, thanks to the P07’s nitride finish. The finish may start to wear off after use. However, you can change the appearance of your gun with after-market options if you want something besides black.

Top Questions About the CZ P07

Our team at CAA Gear Up can provide you with answers to any questions you have about the P07. You can get the answers you want here or contact us directly to learn more about the standard configuration and P07 Duty models.

What Is the Difference Between CZ P07 and P07 Duty?

We’ve mentioned the P07 Duty a few times. While this gun is very similar to the standard P07, there are a few differences between the two to consider. CZ released the P07 Duty in 2009, and at that time, it came with several innovations. 

The Duty used the Omega Trigger system, changeable back straps, and pared-down internal works. Over time, CZ found issues they wanted to change with the P07 Duty and applied them to the newer model. Newer P07s have: 

  • Less “frame bulge.”
  • Forward side serrations
  • Reformulated polymer 

CZ also applied these refinements when developing the P09, a larger pistol with a 19+1 capacity. You may consider the P09 if you find the P07 too small for your hand.

Is the CZ P07 a Compact?

The P07 qualifies as a compact handgun, yes. The gun’s barrel is only a few inches long, making it a solid choice if you want a concealed carry option. You may purchase an extended barrel if you want more control over your accuracy. 

We’ve found it easy to upgrade P07 models with an accessory package. The gun itself comes with plenty of space on the Picatinny rail to add a laser or a light. You may also find several unique versions of the P07 that give you more room to work.

Is CZ as Reliable as Glock?

Glock represents a proven name in the firearm market. You want to make your first shot count when you have to use a firearm, as well as any additional shots. CZ’s extensive history and experience manufacturing firearms make the company every bit a match for Glock in terms of reliability. 

However, we find it better to assess individual firearm models instead of focusing solely on the company that makes them. Every company may create an inferior model at some point. The P07 handles well, works reliably, and shoots accurately.

Is CZ P07 a Good Gun for Concealed Carry? 

You have many factors to consider when deciding on a gun for concealed carry. The P07 has the safety mechanisms you would want from a concealed carry weapon (CCW), including the Omega Trigger system. 

However, you may find the P07 too large to comfortably carry concealed, despite its status as a compact gun. The P07 is roughly the size of a Glock 19, which some people find uncomfortable in a concealed holster. 

You may prefer to carry the P07 in a duty holster. However, this decision is up to you. You may want to physically handle the P07 to get an idea of how comfortable you feel with the size and heft of the gun before making a decision.

What Is the Best Ammo for CZ P07?

Generally, the P07 handles any 9mm ammunition well. Some shooters prefer different brands of ammo, and we recommend taking a few types with you to a shooting range to see which shoots the tightest pattern from your P07.

The Verdict on the CZ P07

The CZ P07 provides gun owners with many features, reliability, and a high level of accuracy. We found the P07 acceptable to shoot and recommend adjusting the grip with after-market options if you otherwise like the gun but find it awkward to hold.

You can easily find 9mm ammunition to use for the P07, often at relatively low prices. The P07 itself represents a budget-friendly firearm that still has an excellent reputation. You can conceal-carry a P07, use it for competitive shooting, or keep it on the nightstand for home protection.

You can upgrade your P07 with a number of the products at CAA Gear Up. You can discuss all your options when you contact us at (754) 205-9385.

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