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MVG | Short Vertical Grip

Intended for use with Picatinny rails, the MVG Short Vertical Grip is an essential, light weight, savvy vertical fore grip. The Short Vertical Grip is shaped ergonomically intended for use as a customary vertical grip. It is made of polymer and rubberized panels. The compact MVG gives the user a comfortable fighting stance. No assembly required.  → Contains a storage compartment → Equipped...

EVG | Ergonomic Vertical Grip

The EVG Ergonomic Vertical Grip is designed for the Picatinny rail hand guard. The polymer and rubber fore grip, is modeled with a checkered finger grooves and rubberized, skeleton backstrap. The EVG gives a natural feel with controlled operation and comfortable carry. → Picatinny rail prevents any loose movement→ Modeled with a finger groove with added control→ No assembly required – storage compartment...

UPG47 | AK47/AK74 Pistol Grip

The UPG47 Interchangeable AK Pistol Grip consolidates reinforced polymer body development with agreeable, wrap-around elastic rubber for extreme weapon control in adverse situations. The Interchangeable Pistol Grip drop-in redesign for AK-design rifle grip, the Interchangeable Pistol Grip is intended to enhance ergonomics and weapon control. The UPG47 allows the user to customize the grip to fit all hand sizes. → Interchangeable...

UPG16 | AR15/M4 Pistol Grip

The UPG16 Interchangeable Pistol Grip is a drop-in update for the standard AR15/M4/M16 single handed grip. The ergonomic, six-piece rubber, grip consolidates an anti-slip texturing with an interchangeable front and back straps. The one-piece fortified polymer development gives integrity and allows customizing grips to fit all hand sizes for maximum comfort. → Interchangeable pistol grip replaces the original AR/M4/M16 stock grip→ Provides...

TVG | Thunder Vertical Grip

The TVG Thunder Vertical Grip designed for the Picatinny Rail with an ergononmic polymer model.  The TVG comes in height measurement up to 2.2”.  The Thunder Vertical Grips are short sided clips and do come with storage compartments. → Designed for better use in control  and improved comfort→ Comes with clamp locking system for secure mounting to any Picatinny rail→ TVG short grip...

TVG1 | Thunder Long Vertical Grip

Intended for use with Picatinny railed hand protects, the TVG1 Long Thunder Vertical Grip is a basic, light weight, combat- savvy, and vertical forearm grip. The Grip ergonomically intended for use as a customary vertical hold.  The TVG1 has a maximum height of 4.4". → Designed for better use in control  and improved comfort→ TVG1 comes with a storage comparment→ Compact and lightweight...

SVG | Short Vertical Grip

The SVG Short Forearm Vertical Grip comes with a comfortable, lightweight fore grip.  Designed for a Picatinny rail with a hand guard, it has an ergonomically curved cylinder and useful during combat. → Designed with 6 ring grooves for better operating control→ Composed with a storage compartment→ Equipped with a claim-locking system for a secure lock on Picatinny Rail→ Provides a non-slipping gripping surface...

MGRIP | Magazine Well Grip - AR15/M4

A curved magazines well grip designed for close quarters battle situations and provides a comfortable grip. → Securely attaches to any picatinny rail→ Provides more control during firing while reducing fatigue Related Info CAA USA DOES NOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY, USA & USA TERRITORY ONLY!WARNING: Observe safe firearm handling practices at all times. Failure to do so may result in serious bodily injury or death. CAA...

G16 | Ergonomic Pistol Grip - AR15/M4

The Ergonomic Pistol Grip is a tactical pistol grip for the standard AR15/M4/M16 single handed grip. The ergonomic, hand filling form, connects anti-slip texturing with storage center ability. The one-piece strengthened polymer structure, gives integrity while keeping durability to withstand operational situations. → Replacement for AR15/M4/M16 stock grip→ Increases comfort and weapon performance→ Gives user more control and space during firing→ Reduces fatigue and...