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Stocks & Stock Tubes

CBS | Collapsible AR Stock

The CBS Collapsible Buttstock is a customizable buttstock for the AR15/M4/M16. This upgrade gives a strong and flexible firing platform intended for expert shooters. This model is configured with the stability with cheek-adjustment to any position to increase comfort, control storage, and mounting. → Ambidextrous side compartment equipped with a snap tight latch providing a waterproof storage for 4 CR123 batteries→ Solid...

SBS | AR/M4 Skeleton Stock

The SBS Skeleton Style Buttstock for the AR-15 and M16 is a lightweight model designed for fast shouldering, fitting both commercial and “MIL-Spec” tubes. The SBS is intended to offer a modified feel for accurate targeting, excluding excess weight without adjusting on strength or durability. The Skeleton style buttstock is made of nylon reinforced polymer with a rubber texturized cheek...

CBSCP | Stock w/ Adjustable Cheek Rest

The CBSCP Integrated Stock and Adjustable Cheek Rest transforms the CBS Collapsible buttstock into an upgraded buttstock during combat. The CBSCP Stock, designed for comfort and efficiency, has an improved cheek weld, compatible for Mil Spec and commercial tubes with an easy-to-use sling attachment options. → Secured lock in three height level positions – 0.43” / 0.86” / 1.3”→ Easy to adjust sides...

ACP | Cheek Rest for CBS Stock

The ACP Adjustable Cheek Piece is fully adjustable with an ambidextrous piece designed to mount only onto the CBS collapsible stock. The ACP cheek piece gives a firm cheek rest, and becomes a remarkable combination of our stock and cheek rest. → Provides a comfortable adjustable cheek weld→ Improves target-to-target acquisition→ Secure thumb tightening knob that adjust for height→ Equipped with a compatible push...

SST1 | AR/M4 OEM Stock Saddle Cheek Rest

The SST1 Stock Saddle Cheek Piece provides a proper cheek weld for the AR15, M4, and M16. This affordable similar collapsible stock option is MIL-STD and does not require any additional assembly. → Suitable cheek welded allows for fast target acquisitioning and comfort→ Securely attaches to most collapsible stocks with the supplied hardware→ Made from reinforced polymer fiberglass for strength and durability→ Equipped with a...

CP1 | AR OEM Cheek Riser

The cheek riser helps raises eye level for proper alignment with optics. The CP1 Cheek Riser is originally designed for the AR15/M16 OEM Stock. → Raises cheek riser .55” in height→ Installs instantaneously with most collapsible stocks including the CBS collapsible buttstock→ No assembly required – locks in place→ Made of tough reinforced polymer fiberglass withstanding tactical conditions→ Customized positioning for stock for...

CP2 | AR OEM Stock Cheek Riser

The clip on CP2 cheek rest for the AR15 and M16 OEM Stock raises .55” in height. It is to help eye level for proper alignment for sight or optics. → Provides a comfortable cheek weld→ Installs instantly on most AR15/M16 collapsible stocks  with slots→ No assembly required – snaps into position→ Made of rugged reinforced polymer fiberglass able to withstand rough tactical...

ARS | Short Sniper AR Stock

The ARS Short Multi Position Sniper AR Stock is specifically engineered for designed Marksman. This sniper stock model enables users to provide enhanced accurate rapid fire. Designed to offer shorter length specifically for AR-15 and M16 and similar collapsible tubes, the ARS is adjustable for height and length-of-pull positioning. This aluminum and polymer-made stock was made for a comfort feel to...

SRS | Long Multi Position Sniper Stock

The SRS long multi sniper stock is designed for a precision marksman. The sniper stock provides a rapid targeting acquisition, much faster with an accurate follow up shot. It is completely adjustable and features a rear-folding leg that converts an A2, A4, or SR25 rifle with a bipod into a stable shooting platform. This has a full length stock tube. → Adjustable...