Choosing the Best Aftermarket Glock Trigger
Choosing the Best Aftermarket Glock Trigger

Choosing the Best Aftermarket Glock Trigger

Since hitting the American market, the Glock has grown to become one of the most popular handguns in the U.S. While several reasons have contributed to this popularity, the Glock’s modularity is a significant one. 

All Glock handguns generally fall under three frame sizes. These sizes help improve compatibility and make it easy for buyers to find aftermarket accessories for the parts of the Glock they want to upgrade. Among the many popular upgrades, one of the most popular is replacing the stock Glock trigger with an aftermarket trigger.

With the almost limitless options in the market, trigger upgrades have become a common adjustment Glock owners make. The wide variety of options could, however, make choosing the right aftermarket Glock trigger quite challenging.

So to help you find the right aftermarket trigger, we’ve put together this guide for choosing the best aftermarket Glock trigger, highlighting a few popular options.

The Glock Trigger

The key to choosing the right trigger for your Glock begins with understanding how the trigger works. With the trigger safety as the only complicated mechanism, understanding your trigger’s functionality isn’t difficult.

Pressing the trigger disengages the safety, causing the trigger bar to push the fire pin safety upwards, fully cocking the striker. The disconnector releases the striker, causing it to spring forward and fire your weapon.

Why Does Your Glock Trigger Need An Upgrade?

While each component plays an important role, the disconnector is the central piece affecting your trigger’s feel because of the amount of tension it creates. 

Even if your Glock trigger is completely functional, you might still desire the refinement achieved by upgrades. These are some of the reasons your Glock trigger could need an upgrade:

  • A lot of grit while moving
  • Unsatisfactory trigger ergonomics
  • The presence of false positive trigger breaks
  • Ability to tap into your handgun’s full potential

Getting the right trigger system upgrade could efficiently resolve other possible issues, offering you distance advantages, shorter pulls, and more aggressive resets which cut times between your shots.

How to Choose the Best Aftermarket Glock Trigger?

There are several factors you should first consider before hitting the stores. Keeping these factors in mind will help make the process run a lot smoother, reduce possibly costly mistakes, and increase the chances of getting the right fit.


We can never overstate the care you need when handling firearms. Safety should always be your priority. When it comes to choosing the best aftermarket trigger, safety begins with understanding your Glock’s drop, trigger, and firing-pin-safety mechanisms.

Knowing their functionality allows you to be aware of the effects of getting the wrong trigger. When looking at the various options, consider asking yourself:

  • Is safety a priority when the manufacturer usually designs its products?
  • Are there any reported malfunctions?
  • What do the reviews say about the product?


Analyze a trigger’s build quality, gauging its reliability after prolonged use and exposure to various conditions. You could determine durability by looking at the different material options used in manufacturing the trigger.

Also, look at the types of trigger-safety pivot pins and trigger bars, and the different features, quality, and reliability levels that each offers.


Different triggers will vary in shape or shoe profile, edge breaks, pre-travel reduction, and surface finish. Choosing the right ergonomics is a personal factor and varies among different gun owners because different variations of certain trigger elements work for different people.

One way to determine the right fit for you is to look at your physical characteristics, such as your grip’s height and your fingers’ lengths. Another way to determine if a trigger’s ergonomics would work for you is by looking at your intended purpose for your handgun.


Aesthetics is another factor that comes down to your preferences. There is no science behind this; it’s all about which trigger has caught your eye the most. You rarely go wrong when dealing with something you find appealing.


While cost is usually the first thing many people consider, we recommend looking at this factor only at the end of the process. After looking at trigger safety, reliability, ergonomics, and aesthetics, you will most likely end up with a list of desirable options.

At this point, you should look at the price of each option, keeping your budget in mind. While a trigger’s price could point to its quality, the construction material used, and extra components included, in most cases, the price is often tied to a brand name. 

This means that going for the most expensive option won’t automatically guarantee you quality, while the cheapest trigger won’t automatically signify limited quality or functionality.

Best Glock Triggers

Though you will find a wide variety of trigger upgrades available, some options stand out above the rest. To help you with your search, we have listed three of the best Glock trigger upgrades available.

ZEV Fulcrum

The ZEV Fulcrum triggers are among the best available trigger upgrades. They utilize 6061 aluminum and are anodized to make them corrosion resistant. Though they offer the same safety level as a standard Glock trigger, they are broader and more ergonomic.

The disconnector and trigger bar surfaces are made of highly polished stainless steel, which reduces friction. The ZEV Fulcrum triggers lighten trigger pull, offering you an outstanding trigger reset and a clean let-off. Furthermore, you can adjust them for pre- and post-travel, allowing you to lock-in to your specific preferences.

They are compatible with Gen one, two, three, and four Glocks. Their drop-in design also makes their installation easy and can even be done in the comfort of your home using the standard Glock disassembly tool. The Glock trigger kit also includes a lightened striker and springs, as well as a new trigger assembly.

Apex Tactical Glock Triggers

The Apex Tactical Glock trigger is a great and reliable addition to any Glock pistol. It utilizes a flat-face aluminum trigger that you can anodize in the color of your choice.

You also have the option of combining it with upgrades from the Zev Competition Spring kit. Though you might get light primer strikes when using the reduced weight striker spring, the Zev Skeletonized Striker would alleviate any issue and allow you to capitalize on the springs’ advantage fully. 

Perfect for those with Glocks designed for concealed carry, the Apex Glock trigger gives you an improved reset and a crisper and shorter pull by reducing pre- and post-travel. It is also an affordable drop-in trigger option, making it perfect if you are operating with a more limited budget.

Agency Arms

The Agency Arms trigger contains improved versions of particular standard Glock trigger parts such as the disconnector and OEM trigger bar. Doing this makes the installation process more straightforward and enables the trigger to retain reliability. The improvements made include a 3.5 disconnector for a smoother and lighter pull and a highly polished trigger bar to reduce friction. 

The Agency Arms trigger has a full-aluminum, flat-faced trigger that gives you more trigger control and makes the trigger more comfortable to pull. The trigger’s bottom is split, eliminating trigger pinch and allowing the trigger safety to recess without friction. These triggers are compatible with the single stack 9mm Glock 43 and standard frame models.

With these few guidelines in mind, you are now ready to go shopping. Remember to take your time, do your homework, and avoid rushing the process. We hope this will increase your chances of choosing the best Glock trigger.

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