The Best Glock 19 Accessories For 2022
The Best Glock 19 Accessories For 2022
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The Best Glock 19 Accessories For 2022

The Glock 19 stands as one of the most sought-after handguns on the market today. Glock Ges.m.b.H has a reputation for producing firearms that are versatile, reliable, and fun to shoot. In addition, you can customize your Glock 19 with a wide range of aftermarket accessories to ensure it fits your exact needs. Here are some of our favorite Glock 19 accessories.

Why Does the Glock Need Any Upgrades or Modifications?

If the Glock 19 represents such a great choice as a firearm, why do you need to upgrade or modify the pistol? We find that Glock pistols come from the manufacturer in great shape, but they are standardized when you first make your purchase.

Modifying your weapon gives you a chance to:

  • Make the grip more comfortable for your hand
  • Add new sights
  • Adjust the appearance to your preferences

Best Glock 19 Accessories for The Range

The Glock 19 is a great gun to take out to the range. Competitors often select the 19 as their tool of choice for range shooting. Adding the right accessories improves the gun’s already impressive performance.


We recommend aftermarket compensators to improve performance at the range. The right compensator reduces the gasses expelled from the Glock 19’s barrel. This process makes your gun stay flatter when you shoot.

A good compensator helps you shoot faster for your follow-up shots, allowing you to avoid the issues associated with high recoil. However, keep in mind that not all competitions permit you to install a compensator on your Glock 19.

If you’re interested in compensators for your Glock 19, we recommend that you consider the following:

  • T-Comp Glock Compensator Gen 4 by Tyrant Designs
  • Gen 4 Mass Driver Comp by Strike Industries
  • 9mm Pistol Compensator by Legion Precision

Muzzle rise caused by high recoil often irritates new shooters or individuals interested in having a good time at the range. You can limit this issue with a suitable aftermarket compensator


You can also upgrade your magazine for great shooting at the range. Magazine upgrades often come with better-protected base pads. Aftermarket magazines also allow you to increase the capacity of your Glock 19, meaning you don’t have to reload as often.

Consider these options for aftermarket magazines:

  • Glock 140MM + 5 Delrin Mag Extension by Taylor Freelance
  • 9MM Glock Magazine Gen 2 by KCI USA
  • Glock 9MM, 27 Round Mag by Elite Tactical Systems

We can answer your questions about the benefits of an extended magazine release that works correctly with genuine Glock pieces.

Extended Magazines

Extended magazines allow you to maximize your firing power, and many are relatively inexpensive. Our favorite is the Glock 9mm 33Round Extended Magazine, which comes in a handsome matte black polymer and steel shell.

You can use this particular magazine in all Glock 19 models, making it one of the most versatile and practical Glock 19 accessories that we have listed here. 

Magazine Extensions

If you’re thinking, “wait, isn’t that the same thing as an extended magazine?” Not quite. A magazine extension allows you to modify your existing magazine to increase its capacity, unlike an extended magazine, which is just a new magazine with a higher capacity. 

What’s the difference? Price and effort. A magazine extension requires a bit more effort to use, but an extended magazine costs a bit more to buy. Both achieve the same result, which is the better Glock 19 accessory for you depends on your preferences. 

Extended Mag Release Buttons

While the Glock 19 Gen4 was a massive improvement on the existing magazine release button, reload times for earlier models can be vastly improved with an extended mag release button. It will save you precious seconds by allowing you to release your magazine with your thumb without repositioning your hand.

Gen4 and above models can still benefit from an extended mag release button, just not quite as much. As this is an affordable Glock accessory, there’s no harm in giving it a try—the stopwatch will settle whether it was worth it.


A magwell offers another opportunity to speed up your load times. If you’re not familiar with the term, a magwell is a magazine funnel of sorts, in that it provides a wider opening and guides your mag into place. They are popular for competition shooting where time is of the essence, and stress levels may be a bit higher. With a good magwell, even inexperienced shooters can reload without looking down.

Best Accessories for Concealed Carry

The right Glock accessories can help you feel more comfortable and confident when you conceal carry. Before you upgrade your firearm, we recommend that you review local and state laws regarding concealed carry weapons. Ensure that you select upgrades that allow you to continue carrying your gun.

A variety of upgrades make it easier to conceal carry a Glock 19.

Extended Slide Stop Lever

Some people find the slide stops on the Glock 19 difficult to operate. Glock’s extended slide stop lever makes it easier to release the slide with your thumb. The extended lever should not make it more difficult to conceal your firearm.

Trigger Connector Upgrades

Are you interested in shooting more accurately with your Glock 19? If so, you may want to consider an aftermarket trigger connector. The Ghost 3.5 lb. trigger connector drops the weight of the trigger and generally offers flawless performance.

We also like the Ghost model because of its self-cleaning functionality.

Aftermarket Grips

If you plan to carry your Glock 19 frequently, the grip quality matters. You want something comfortable to hold that won’t slip around when you draw your firearm. Talon Grips provides grips that work well on the Glock 19.

We recommend rubber grips if you plan to conceal carry. Rubber won’t snag on your clothes nearly as much as granulate grips. However, your comfort matters the most when considering your grip options.

You want a grip that will not interfere when you draw your gun from the holster. Keep this in mind when making your aftermarket selection. You may also want to consider a good conceal carry holster, such as an IWB holster.

Best Barrel Upgrades

Are you considering a barrel upgrade for your Glock 19? Many shooters decide to upgrade their barrels simply for the aesthetics. For example, you can change the color of the barrel to a different shade of gray or something more eye-catching, like orange.

Other people decide to look into a threaded barrel. Threaded barrels are a must if you want compensation or suppression features. Many companies provide threaded options to their aftermarket barrels, giving you many options.

You may also want to upgrade to a barrel with different rifling if you want to fire cast lead ammunition. OEM Glock designs won’t allow you to fire this kind of ammunition.

Our team recommends several barrel upgrades, including:

  • Glock 19 Gen 5 Barrel by Grey Ghost Precision
  • Optimized Match Grade G17 by Zev Technologies
  • Precision Match Glock 19 Barrel by L2D Combat

Concerning the barrel, you may decide to upgrade your feed ramp. Glocks have a reputation for reliability, giving you confidence that the gun will load and fire properly each time you pull the trigger. However, you can increase your comfort with the gun with an aftermarket polished feed ramp.

Best Slide Upgrades

You can find fun and practical upgrades for the slide of your Glock 19. You can change the aesthetics of your entire gun by changing up the slide. Many companies offer slides in different colors, giving you a chance to put your mark on the firearm.

Professional, gray designs have become an unofficial trademark of Glock firearms. You can move beyond this stylistic choice with aftermarket slide upgrades. However, upgrading your slide goes beyond mere appearances.

Many gun owners want to upgrade their slide to:

  • Add mounts for red dot sights
  • Upgrade firing ports and fitment
  • Boost ejection speeds
  • Increase the gun’s accuracy

Depending upon your personal preferences, you can also get slide upgrades that boost corrosion resistance or the lubrication of your gun. Generally, these slides come with different coatings that provide several benefits.

Tactical Extended Slide Stops

One gripe that many people have about Glock 19’s is their slide stop, which stops you from reloading quickly. Fortunately, Vickers Tactical solved the problem by designing one of the most useful Glock 19 accessories on the market—the tactical extended slide stop.

This slide stop gives you the ability to reload quickly and doesn’t stick. It’s also sturdy enough to hold up for the long run, so you can expect the Vickers Tactical extended slide stop to live as long as your Glock 19.

Upgrading Your Slide

Slide upgrades are generally easy for you to complete on your own. Most of them are drop-in parts that improve your Glock 19 in only a few moments. If you’re looking for the ideal slide upgrade for your Glock, consider these options:

  • G19 Patriot Slide from Faxon Firearms
  • Glock 19 Urban Combat Stripped Slide by Agency Arms
  • Razorback Windowed Glock 19 Slide by Lantac

Competitors often choose slide upgrades to boost their accuracy, but civilians can also enjoy the benefits of an aftermarket slide. Discuss all your options by contacting our team today.

Best Glock Trigger Upgrades

Upgrading your trigger helps make shooting more pleasant. Aftermarket triggers can give you a lighter pull or change your reset. The type of trigger you select will depend upon the way you want to use your handgun.

We recommend that you select a heavier trigger that gives you a clean pull if you want to use your Glock 19 for duty use or as a concealed car pistol. Conversely, consider a lighter trigger that focuses more on performance if you plan to shoot at the range.

The Glock trigger works well for many gun owners. However, some shooters find the factory trigger uncomfortable. In addition, Glock uses a significant curve on their trigger, and we understand that some shooters prefer a flat-faced trigger.

You can also add some color and visual appeal to your Glock with a trigger upgrade. Swapping out your trigger lets you make an eye-catching statement without drawing too much attention away from the rest of your firearm.

Our team recommends several trigger upgrades for the Glock 19, including the following:

  • PRO Trigger Bar Kit by Zev Technologies
  • 9MM Glock Gen 5 Flat Trigger by CMC Triggers
  • Glock Drop-In Trigger by Agency Arms
  • ITTS Trigger by Tyrant Designs

These upgrades allow you to customize your gun, making it more comfortable when you shoot. Review additional options by contacting us.

Best Glock Sights Upgrades

Most people have very few complaints about factory Glocks. However, the company’s trademarks for success and impressive design often fall short with the sights. As a result, many gun owners decide to upgrade the Glock sights before changing anything else about the gun.

You have two primary choices when it comes to upgrading your sights.

Iron Sights

Iron sights often allow you to move the sight picture; shifting the sight picture higher gives you a chance to attach a suppressor. It also improves sight for target acquisition and shooting in low light. We recommend that you work with a professional before installing a rear sight or front sight.

If you’re interested in aftermarket iron sights, consider these options:

  • CHARPS Glock Pistol Sights by Devil Dog Concepts
  • Glock Fiber Optic Sights by Rainier Arms, LLC
  • Glock Tritium Night Sights by Night Fision

You’ll need a sight tool to install iron sights, which is one of the reasons why we recommend working with a professional.

Red Dot Sights

Some shooters prefer red dots for their sights. They work well in low light. However, red dot sights tend to be bulky, and they may get in the way if you want to conceal carry.

These sites are usually easy to install if you have an aftermarket slide set up for use with a red dot sight. You may want to consider red dot options from Trijicon or Riton Optics. The Trijicon RMR (Ruggedized Miniature Reflex) site also provides a great choice.

You may also consider a laser sight for your Glock 19. Some gun owners choose to attach flashlights to their Glocks for increased visibility. Flashlights, especially, tend to weigh more in ounces than other sights, making them bulkier.


A flashlight will make the weapon a little bit more cumbersome, but it shouldn’t impact your concealed carry—you will still be able to fit your gun into most holsters. 

You can attach the light onto your Glock 19 by snapping it onto the accessory rails underneath the barrel. If you are shooting in low light, you will need a light beam of some sort from your gun to assist your aim. Lasers will not always cut it.

 Those who may need or want to shoot low-light situations should seriously consider getting a Glock flashlight. Lights also work well in dusky situations and give you a serious advantage when in less than advantageous conditions. It’s one of the true must-have Glock 19 accessories.

The Ultimate Glock Accessory — The MCK

Are you interested in optimizing all aspects of your Glock 19 at once? In that case, you may want to consider the Glock MCK (Micro Conversion Kit). The MCK makes it easy for you to convert your pistol for use as a machine gun.

The MCK kit measures 13.70” in length and 5.70” in height. It only weighs 2.48 pounds, making it easy to carry and use. The upgrade kit includes polymer options for you:

  • Front flip-up sight
  • Freon rear-up sight
  • Side rail thumb rests

The kit also comes with a one-point sling, flashlight, and push-button sling swivel. You don’t have to disassemble your pistol to use the MCK kit. Instead, you place it into the kit and begin using your firearm.

The kit provides you with increased stability, thanks to the finger groove grip. It also includes multiple Picatinny rails, allowing you to mount numerous accessories onto your Glock 19. In addition, the MCK’s ambidextrous design makes it easy for anyone to use.

As a bonus, the MCK provides you with a holder for a spare front magazine. This feature makes it easier for you to reload quickly. The kit also includes a built-in charging handle and an exposed side release. As a disclaimer, CAA Gear Up manufactures and sells the MCK kit.

Create A Personalized Glock 19

As you can see, there are a ton of great Glock 19 accessories on the market today. Creating a personalized Glock 19 is really as simple as figuring out what you’re looking to achieve with your modifications and then researching what accessories and add-ons are necessary to get the job done.

Of course, our favorite way to personalize a Glock 19 is with the MCK. This kit makes adjusting the grip, firing pattern, and design of your Glock very easy, and best of all, you can complete the process in moments by sliding your handgun into the frame. Shop our wide selection of Glock Conversion Kits today!

Our Top Glock 19 Accessories

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